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A federal republic and the largest democratic country, India is not only famous for its multilingual and multicultural society but is also famous for its wide variety of target essential oils that serve many benefits. Essential oils are extracts from natural plants containing the essence. Essential oils have a wide range of natural benefits.

Many companies in India offer the best essential oils in bulk, and the most popular of them are:

  1. Aromaaz International Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Natures Natural India
  3. Aarnav Global Exports

Let's have a look at one of the popular companies, offering essential oils in bulk in India, Aromaaz International. Here's about Aromaaz International: 

Who is Aromaaz International Pvt. Ltd.?

Aromaaz International is one of the biggest importers and the largest producer of essential oils in India. It provides manufacturing, exporting, Wholesale, and private labeling services of natural and 100% pure essential oils. It serves the best quality and cost-effectiveness of essential oils in India. Aromaaz International uses the best techniques to maximize the benefits of essential oils and maintain their quality. Having 10 years of experience and taking care of safety and security, Aromaaz International provides the best service in supplying and exporting target essential oils.

What do we offer?

Aromaaz International offers a wide variety of products, which contain skincare, haircare, and health care products with a suitable and affordable price range. We guarantee 100% organic and pure essential oils. These oils are extracted with effective and significant techniques to maximize the benefits. Have a look at the product range they are offering:

categories  essential oil

  • Natural Essential Oils: These are extracted from  the various plants part with authentic aromas and health benefits. 
  • Carries Oils or Base Oils: For skincare, we have a variety of diluters for essential oil, making the oil skin-friendly. They stabilize the concentration of natural essential oils so that they can be used effectively.
  • Certified Organic Oils: The essential oils, we are providing 100% pure, organic, and pesticide-free.
  • Floral Absolute Oils: These essential oils are extracted from flowers that are 100% organic and pure.
  • Hydrosols: Hydrosols derived from flowers, fruits, and other plant parts are specifically the condensed water that remains after steam-distilling botanical materials to extract essential oils. These are available at an inexpensive rate at Aromaaz International.
  • Oleoresins: Oleoresin is a natural extract obtained from plants, usually spices or herbs. It's. commonly used as a flavoring or as a source of concentrated flavor compounds. These are available at a reasonable price at Aromaaz.
  • Spice Oils: Spice oils are derived from various spices by the Steam Distillation method which contain various health benefits and are utilized in flavoring food.
  • Natural Flower Oils: It is widely used in perfumes and cosmetic products for natural aromas, extracted with steam distillation of flowers. Some of the oils include lavender oil, tea tree oil, lotus flower oil, and tulip flower oil.
  • Natural Cosmetic Butter: It is helpful in moisturizing skin with natural extracts from seeds and nuts. It is used in many cosmetic products as a moisturizing agent.
  • Traditional Indian Attars: These are aromatic liquids extracted with steam distillation from plants. These are extracted from wood, resins, and flower petals.
  • Exotic Oil Dilutions: This is a combination of 3% essential oils and base oil. The exotic oil dilution range here contains the best quality which is ready to use.
    The exotic oil dilution range here contains the best quality which is ready to use.

Now that you have read about Aromaaz International, here is a step-wise guide to placing your order from this best-quality essential oil product.

Steps to purchase essential oils in bulk from Aromaaz International

Step 1- Go to the official website of Aromaaz International. Here, you can see details about the products and go through the wide range of services and products they are providing at affordable rates.

Step 2- To place your order online at Aromaaz International, you can write an email about your need at [email protected]. You can also directly call us at +91-120-4118804 or  +91-9643342464.

Step 3- In case of any query, you can contact our customer support at [email protected] which is available 24*7. You can ask them about your needs and quotation for prices, or any steps you need to know to place your order.

Step 4- You can ask customer support for the certifications that are needed to get your order placed. 

Step 5- Aromaaz International can also provide samples in case you want to test products before purchasing in bulk. Also, you can visit the office at B - 45/8, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010, to better understand and coordinate with Aromaaz International. 

contact to Aromaaz International for bulk order


These were the steps to contact and successfully place your order at Aromaaz International, as we are the best natural oil manufacturer and offer you convenient delivery of your order under acceptable conditions. Aromaaz International provides you with easy coordination with their best-quality organic essential oil products. Now you can avail your order of target essential oils in bulk with these easy steps to your doorstep, giving you the convenience of affordable prices with certifications.