Top 5 Essential Oil Brands Worldwide

In our previous blog, We discussed the top 11 most popular essential oil brands in the world in 2024 that have developed a solid reputation in the essential oil market. These essential oil companies import and export essential oils worldwide. For your further exploration, here are the Top 5 essential brands that have built themselves to the next level. These are the brands that have won over consumers all over the World by continuously providing quality essential oils. This brief analysis gives you a clearer idea of which brand aligns with your preferences. So, let's begin with the list.

5. Jedwards International

Average Rating: 4.3 stars

Jedwards International has made a concerted effort to broaden the scope of its product offering by incorporating several specialized, hard-to-find materials, like their certified Organic Fair Trade Virgin Shea Butter. The modern geothermal temperature-controlled warehouse that they own and run in Massachusetts allows us to promptly provide a wide range of carrier oils, essential oils, waxes, salts, sweeteners, extracts, and concentrates. Consequently, Jedwards has emerged as a prominent provider to numerous small and medium-sized producers of various popular personal care products, such as Jojoba carrier oil, Moroccan argan oil, olive oil squalane, shea butter, and virgin coconut oil.

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Average Rating: 4.4 stars

DoTERRA was established in 2008 to distribute essential oils worldwide. A group of specialists from the business and health fields decided to take on the objective of making this possible after witnessing firsthand the fantastic advantages that can be gained from exploiting these valuable resources. After incorporating, they called their business doTERRA, a Latin term that translates to "Gift of the Earth." Instead of mass marketing, doTERRA uses a direct selling model that enables distributors to interact directly with customers to support individual essential oil experiences best. With this more personalized approach, people may build trustworthy relationships and discover the amazing potential of essential oils for themselves which are very cost effective.

3. Natures Natural India

Average Rating: 4.6 stars

Natures Natural India, an Indian company, takes pride in producing and maintaining one of the most extensive collections of rare and specialty natural essential oils and numerous other aromatic goods in the country. They specialize in manufacturing, but they only sell in bulk, wholesale, and export, providing essential oils in India. Their sole goal is to provide their customers with the highest caliber, most honest, and economic 'value' for their money while maintaining the highest level of natural and pure products.

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2. Young Living Essential Oils

Average Rating: 4.5 stars

The Youngs expanded their farming holdings in Utah and Idaho after founding Young Living in 1994, where they started growing various herbs, including lavender, peppermint, melissa, and clary sage. Young Living created and constructed North America's largest and most technologically sophisticated essential oil distillery in response to the growing demand for premium quality essential oils. In line with these initiatives, Young Living created its revolutionary Seed to Seal® method, which maintains the purity and strength of essential oils at every stage of manufacturing.

1. Aromaaz International

Average Rating: 4.6 stars

The company aims to become the industry leader in aromatic oils and fragrances by offering a wide selection of pure essential oil and putting a premium on client happiness. They are committed to protecting the environment with eco-friendly technology. The business keeps a consistent supply of products and provides prompt support to guarantee customer needs are satisfied. They heavily research new aromatic oils and perfumes to keep their product range exciting and novel made with organic ingredients

The company optimizes its manufacturing facilities to increase distillate yields from herbs, flowers, and plants to reduce costs and boost efficiency. Additionally, they improve distribution by forging solid bonds with alliance partners and resellers, guaranteeing dependable delivery and service.

It is one of the best essential oil brands in India, and it prioritizes meeting consumer expectations through constant innovation, supplying premium products at affordable rates, and offering first-rate customer service.

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