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Hydrosols / Floral Water

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Know your Hydrosols better!

The delicate and finely balanced accompaniments to essential oils are what we know as Hydrosols. The religiously organic standards of extraction and steam distillation of organically harvested and grown aromatic plants produce two complementary products for us: the Plant’s essential oil and Hydro-late (or Hydrosol). When the distillation process is underway, the ascending steam softens and liquefies the essential oil contents of the plant. This creates a temporary bonding of two absolutely opposite elementary values: water and oil, which do not usually gel well. During the subsequent cooling of this aromatic gas, the oil-soluble components get separated out from the water however; the aromatic particles pass on some part of their qualities to the remaining water which is called hydrosol. We are the best pure hydrosols wholesale supplier in the industry.

What are hydrosols?

They are fresh distilled and fragrant pure floral waters extracted from the flowers, leaves, fruit, and other parts of the plants using the steam distillation method. Infused with the qualities of the plants from which they are obtained, they are as beneficial as the essential oils. The concentration of these liquids is much lower than essential oils and also has a subtle and mild fragrance. Loaded with good amounts of health benefits, including these hydrolats in healthcare will promote good health and well-being.

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Benefits of Hydrosols

Apart from the amazing and appealing scents of hydrosol India, there are multiple health benefits that these liquids provide to their users. Though they are not as concentrated as Natural essential oils, they can still be used to avail numerous health benefits as they contain some qualities of the plants from which they are extracted.

  • Reduces stress and relaxes mood: It can be used in baths or as sprays to uplift moods and de-stress.
  • Promotes sleep: The soothing fragrance of it promotes sleep.
  • Good for skin health: They are amazing products for both dry and oily skin. It works as a skin moisturizer in the former case and as a skin toner in the latter.
  • Calm burns: They can be sprayed on burns to provide a soothing effect on the itching and burning sensation.
  • Hydrated hair: They hydrate hair and make them feel fresh and fragrant.
  • Treats sunburns: The soothing and cooling effect of it on the skin reduces sunburns.
  • Anti-itch spray: They treat itching from insect bites when sprayed on the affected areas.

Uses of Hydrosols

They are not just ordinary fragrant floral waters, but popular ones used as ingredients in a variety of body care products. Owing to the amazing benefits they provide to the human skin, they can also be applied to the skin. Let’s have a look:–

Facial toners: They control sebum production on the skin, they can be used as toners on oily skin. Witch hazel, lavender, neroli, clary sage, etc. work effectively as skin toners.

Room fresheners: They are used in room fresheners due to their mesmerizing fragrances.

Cleaners: The amazing fragrance of it makes them popular ingredients for home cleaners. They leave a wonderful scent behind and make the home smell amazing.

Wound sprays: They work as effective disinfectants against the bacteria on wounds.

Aftershave for men: They are added to men’s aftershave to provide a calming and cooling effect on the skin.

Body washes: They are added to body washes for appealing fragrances.

Linen sprays: They are sprayed on the bed sheets, sofa covers towels, etc. for freshness and fragrance.

Deodorants: They have antibacterial properties and are added to deodorants to kill germs and avoid bad body odour.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are hydrosols used for?

The various uses of it include –
  • Moisturize and tone the skin texture
  • Control sebum production
  • Used as food flavorings
  • Body mists
  • Speeds up healing
  • Make remover
  • Reduces itchiness on the skin
  • Prevents acne, etc.

Q. How are hydrosols made?

They are extracted from the plant botanicals using the steam distillation process. When plant parts are hydro-distilled, the steam produced contains essential oils. When this steam is condensed, the oil is separated from the liquid. The separated liquid is called hydrosol.

Q. Is floral water the same as hydrosol?

Yes, they are the same.

Q. What is organic hydrosol?

Water that is extracted from the part of organically grown plants with the steam distillation method is called organic hydrosol.

Q. What is the difference between essential oils and hydrosols?

Essential oilsHydrosols
Essential oils are strong concentrated liquids that must be diluted with carrier oils to use on the skin. They are much less concentrated in nature and can be used directly on the skin.
Essential oils are pure plant extracts that are insoluble in water. They are water-based plant extracts.
Essential oils are extracted using technical and scientific processes. They can be created at home by boiling the plant extracts in water.

Q. Can you use hydrosols in a diffuser?

Yes, they can be used in a diffuser if a few drops of essential oils are added to them. Otherwise, they can be used as room fresheners.

Q. Are Hydrosols good for the skin?

They are nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic, and are a wonderful addition to skincare products.

Q. Can you ingest hydrosols?

No, you can't ingest them.

Q. Are hydrosols edible?

Yes. Pure and natural hydrosols are 100% plant-based edible liquids that are added to food and other edible products for flavorings.

Q. Can hydrosols cause skin allergy?

Yes. People with sensitive skin can experience skin allergies by using them directly on the skin. So, it is better to do a skin patch test before applying it to an enlarged area.

Q. Are hydrosols safe to use during pregnancy?

Though they are safe to use, it is better to avoid them during pregnancy.

Q. Are hydrosol safe for babies?

Yes, they are safe for babies.

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