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Floral Absolute Oils

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What Does Floral Absolute Oil Mean?

It is similar to naturally extracted essential oils, plants also contain certain aromatic oils in a concentrated form which are commonly known as absolutes. If talking about what is the difference between floral absolute oil and essential oils, then it is merely about the process of extracting the oils. The absolutes are extracted by solvent extraction while the essential oils are extracted using other methods as well like steam distillation, etc.

Now, coming back to floral absolute oils, they are aromatic oils extracted from the major parts of the plants like petals organically and naturally to ensure the best quality of oil produced. These oils have the characteristic aroma of the parent plant, flower, herb, or root from which they are extracted. They are concentrated oils that are suggested to be used wisely.

How Are Floral Absolute Oils Extracted?

The extraction process of absolutes is a bit complex as these oils are extracted by the process of solvent extraction. This whole method deploys chemical solvents, more often Hexane and subsequently Ethyl alcohol because of their chemical composition and the ability to retain the oil in good quality and with their characteristic aroma.

First, the raw plant material is extracted with the help of a hydrocarbon like Hexane and then the end product of this process is again extracted with Ethanol. In the final step, Ethanol evaporates and the product left behind is absolute oil. Here, Hexane brings about the concreted form and with the help of Ethyl Alcohol plant waxes and other similar constituents are removed from the final extracted outcome.

Properties of Floral Absolute Oils for Healthy Body, Skin, and Well-Being!

The naturally extracted floral absolute oils in India are the ones that are more in demand than essential oils in many industries like as preparing perfumery and fragrances besides aromatherapy treatments not only because of their amazing and characteristic aroma but also due to the remarkable properties these oils possess.

Some of the properties that make them beneficial are:

Floral Absolute Oils as Antidepressants

These absolute oils are also loaded with effective insect-repellent properties that are extremely helpful in killing bacteria and viruses that cause infections. Absolute oils such as Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree oil are the most prominent ones for this.

Floral Absolute Oils as an Astringent

The astringent property makes absolute oils ideal for speeding up the process of recovery of minor wounds, bites, sores, and scars. Apart from this, these oils can also be effective at relieving the signs of aging with their skin tightening and lifting potential.

Floral Absolute Oils as Fungicides

These absolutes can be effectively used to treat most forms of fungal infection like athlete’s foot and ‘jock itch’ because of their ability to kill infectious bacteria, viruses, and dead cells.

Floral Absolute Oils with Inflammatory Properties

For certain cramps during periods or weight-lifting, massaging absolute oils to the affected area will help in pain-relieving and soothing the sore muscles. These oils penetrate the surface of the skin and reach deep down to the affected muscle or nerve, relaxing them and ultimately relieving the pain.

Floral Absolute Oils as an Aphrodisiac

There are many oils that can also be used for their aphrodisiac properties. Just take a bath with lukewarm water mixed with Rose Absolute oil and say hi to a whole new energy.

Floral Absolute Oils as a Cicatrisant

Floral Absolute oils have been used for their effectiveness in fading dark spots and scars. These oils can help to increase the amount of red blood cells that flow towards a wound or scar and ultimately enable a faster and smoother healing process that results in the fading and finally disappearance of them.

Floral Absolute Oils with Therapeutic Properties

Because of the characteristic aroma, these oils are rich in, they are the best and most prominent components of aromatherapy massages and spas.

Uses of Floral Absolute Oils in Day-To-Day Life

  • Naturally extracted floral absolute oils are known worldwide and have a rich history for the remarkable and commendable properties they have. Apart from using them medicinally, there are many other ways to use these gem oils that will help you lead a well-maintained and easy-going life.
  • Basically, absolute oils are very useful to have around the home. Some of the basic day-to-day uses of them are listed below:
  • Absolute oils can be used as a deodorant because of the amazing aroma they have. These oils get absorbed into the skin very easily leaving behind a pleasant aroma.
  • These oils also have the ability to tighten the skin by enabling the growth of red blood cells and the flow of blood in the body.
  • In the case of indigestion, use absolute oils to get relief quickly from the pain and aches as they have properties that assist digestion and soothe stomach cramps as well.
  • The naturally extracted oils have properties that reduce acne by controlling the production of sebum in the body, including astringent, antiviral as well as bactericidal properties that fight the condition of pimples, breakouts, and acne.
  • There are many oils that have healing power for scars, acne marks, and stretch marks and help in fading them effectively.
  • If anyone has dry skin, these floral absolute oils can also be used as face moisturizers that are absorbed into the skin leaving behind no greasy texture.
  • Floral absolute oils as bath enhancers are very popular as they have the power to relax the tensed nerves reducing stress, anxiety, and hypertension.
  • While exercising, if you have muscle cramps, then use absolute oils to relieve muscle pain. Massaging these oils on the affected area will soothe the tensed muscles.
  • If you are irritated and tensed by crow’s feet and wrinkles, then these gems can be your sure solution as they have the properties of skin lifting as well.
  • One of the most common and very remarkable uses of these oils in aromatherapy treatments is the characteristic smell that is rich in therapeutic benefits that make them the most crucial aromatherapy ingredient.
  • Using these oils with the cleaning water for home and offices will work as an insect repellent that kills the bacteria and viruses on the floor promoting healthy and hygienic living.
  • These oils can also be used to kill athlete’s foot bacteria that grow because of dead cells in the foot.

Therapeutic Benefits of Floral Absolute Oils

Absolute floral oils are packed with many effective remedial properties because of the characteristic aroma they have. Whether it is about having a stressful day at work or a disturbed mind, these amazing oils can be the best option to have a relaxing spa session that will help in calming the stressed nerves. Just blend any of the oils under this category with some carrier oil like Jojoba carrier oil and massage on the forehead for a soothing effect. One can also inhale the relaxing aroma of these oils for sound sleep as they have sleep-promoting properties as well.

So, whatever the problem is, just consider these beneficial and effective absolute oils and you will be sorted for most of the problems related to skin, health, and mental well-being.

How to Use Absolute Floral Oils?

Using such kinds of naturally extracted oils is a daunting task as it can have an adverse effect on the body and health when not used in a proper manner. That is why it is always advised to consult with a doctor before using any of the natural products. But, if you are not new to this aisle and have used any natural oil before, then you must know that the first and foremost rule of using these oils is to blend them with a perfect and prominent carrier oil that can carry your absolute oil perfectly. Doing this will enhance the effectiveness of your oil.

There are many ways in which one can use floral absolute oils for skincare or a healthy life. Some of them are:

  • The easiest way to use these absolute oils is to inhale them. One can do this either through the bottle of the oil directly or with the help of a diffuser.
  • One can also inhale the beneficial aroma of these oils with the help of steam inhalation. This can also be done with the help of cotton balls. Just pour a few drops of the oil into a bowl of boiling water and take the steam through the cotton ball.
  • Dilute the oil with a carrier or base oil to reduce its concentration and then apply it to the infected area for better results without any side effects.
  • To soothe body pains, use these oils by mixing a few drops of them in lukewarm bathing water.
  • Absolute floral oils can also be used with a humidifier for amazing results.
  • One can also spray these oils on the pillow before sleeping to have a sound sleep.

Precautions to be Taken While Using Floral Absolute Oils

As a Floral Absolute Oil Manufacturer and Supplier we recommend some precautions for its safe use.

Absolute oils are highly concentrated and hence, they can be harmful if not used carefully. Be it using them in aromatherapy or for skin and health purposes, one should know well the method to use them and dilute them so that you can be well on your way to safe use. Here, some precautious ways are listed that are intended to be helpful for the ones who are stepping into this aisle for the first time. But, do not consider these guidelines as only a safety reference for the proper use of these oils. So, it is better to consult your doctor before including them in your daily regimen.

  • Some of the essential oils are not suitable for lactating and pregnant women because of their composition. So, always consult a doctor before considering any absolute if you are also one of them.
  • Some floral oils can cause irritation, sensitization, or allergic reactions as well in some individuals as they have natural constituents that may not be suited to everyone.
  • As floral absolute oils are very concentrated liquids that can have an adverse effect on the skin, using them undiluted on the skin should always be avoided.
  • The diluting of these absolutes should always be done with a carrier oil such as olive carrier oil, coconut, or jojoba oil. These oils are the most suitable ones but always try to take the base oil that goes well with your absolute and complements its properties.
  • Anyone who has undergone surgery or any physical operation must not use these oils without having a word with their doctors.
  • Absolute oils containing citrus extracts are photosensitive and can be reactive to the skin. So, it is advisable to never go out in the sun when applied to the skin.
  • Some absolute oils are phototoxic in nature as well and can cause irritation, inflammation, blistering, redness, or burning sensations on the skin when exposed to UVA rays.
  • Floral oils must not be used on children without a medical practitioner’s advice as they can be reactive and have an adverse effect on their health.
  • It is suggested to discontinue using the oil immediately if anyone encounters any kind of irritation, redness, or reaction.
  • The oils that you use on yourself may not always be safe to be used on dogs, cats, birds, horses, or other pets.
  • Floral absolute oils should not be taken internally without the guidance of a qualified practitioner or doctor.
  • These oils are flammable also so they should be kept out of the way of fire hazards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are floral absolute oils?

Floral absolute oils are highly fragrant and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers of plants. They are obtained through a complex process using chemical solvents like hexane and Ethyl Alcohol to retain their aromas and qualities.

Q. What is the use of floral absolute oils?

Floral absolute oils are massively used in the perfume industry and aromatherapy massages. Some of these oils like rose and jasmine are used in skin products as fragrances.

Q. Is it mandatory to dilute absolute floral oils?

Absolute floral oils must be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to the skin.

Q. What is the shelf life of a floral absolute?

The shelf life of floral absolute is between 3-5 years if stored properly.

Q. How to store floral absolute oils?

Floral absolute oils must be stored in a dark place in an air-tight bottle away from sunlight.

Q. Are floral absolutes safe for children?

It is better not to use absolute oils on children as their skin is delicate and may react to these liquids.

Q. What floral absolute oils are good for the skin?

Rose absolute oil, red champaca absolute oil, calendula absolute oil, and Gardenia absolute oil are some of the floral absolute oils that are good for the skin.

Q. What are effective floral absolute oils for aromatherapy?

The effective floral absolute oils used in aromatherapy are champaka, jasmine, mimosa, orange flower (neroli), tuberose, violet leaf, and ylang-ylang.

Q. Which carrier oil is best to dilute floral absolute oils?

Jojoba or Sweet Almond is the best to dilute most floral absolute oils.

Q. Name the best floral absolute oils for inflammation?

Jasmine absolute oil and helichrysum absolute oil are the best floral absolute oils for inflammation.

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