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About Us

Aromaaz International – Code of Conduct

  • We believe in team work of our employees and value our relationship with our clients which is developed on the premise of mutual trust and respect.
  • We promote the cultivation of endangered herbs and plants.
  • We take active steps to protect our natural resources.
  • We pack our products under hygienic conditions so that they keep their freshness and natural aroma all through.
  • We keep the interests of our customers first and strive to keep them satisfied with our services and product range.
  • We have full regards to the beliefs of our esteemed clients and always respect them.
  • We pay attention to detail to provide flawless service and superior quality products to our esteemed customers.
  • We pay special attention to aesthetic appeal of our all products.

Corporate Governance

Basic philosophy of our Corporate Governance is to achieve business excellence by developing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, keeping in mind their expectations, requirements, needs and interests. We give high value to business ethics and keep our transactions with our clients transparent.


  • Our mission is to achieve business excellence in aromatic oils and fragrances industry by offering a range of delightful products to the customers. We strive to provide value added services to the customers, reduce the cost of production and maximize the satisfaction level of our highly valued customers.
  • We aim to preserve the delicate balance of our fragile environment and make use of the environment friendly technology in our facilities.
  • To ensure the continuous supply of products to clients in timely manner and also to provide them necessary assistance as and when required.
  • To carry out extensive research in the field of aromatic oils, essential oils and fragrances and to develop new products to delight the customers.
  • To optimize the use of existing infrastructure and facilities to lower down the cost of production and to increase the efficiency of our production unit.
  • To optimize the use of existing extraction capacity and to maximize the distillate yield from the herbs, flowers and plants.
  • To enhance our distribution services by strengthening our reseller network and alliance partners.
  • To provide prompt services to the customers.
  • To provide high value products at competitive rates.

Research & Development (R & D)

  • Our research and development (R & D) team constantly keeps developing new products related to essential oils, herbal extracts and fragrances, keeping their aroma, naturalness and freshness intact.
  • We have initiated application oriented studies in the field of aromatic oils, fragrances and essential oils as we believe that these products will have great importance for human lives in future.
  • We keep developing new formulations to delight the customer and to meet their new expectations.
  • We keep adding value in our range of products for the customers by constantly innovating new formulations and products.

Care for Environment

  • We care for the environment and are committed for its conservation. We make use of the environment friendly technologies in all of our manufacturing and packaging processes.
  • Care for the environment is one of our core values and we avoid the use of endangered species of plant and herbs.
  • We give utmost priority to hygienic concerns in our facilities and warehouses, and always keep all our premises neat and clean.
  • We manufacture our range of products by making use of environment friendly technologies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our business ethics and continues to be our guiding principle. Aromaaz International has made a significant contribution to the society by making donations to the under privileged and organizing community development programs. We give priority to the projects which have positive impact on the well being of the individuals and the overall health of the society in general. We are concerned about the dangers to our fragile environment and always employ environment friendly technologies during the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of our products.