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Barrel Packaging

Natural essential oils are indeed one of the best and easiest ways of taking good care of the skin and that too without involving any chemical substitutes in the routine. Not only for the skin but for taking good care of the hair and overall health as well whether physically or mentally, the natural oils having natural properties and composition are considered very beneficial and advantageous. And, because of the increasing popularity of the natural oils, it is required to ship them from one city to another and, of course, from one country to another as well so that everyone who wants to shift to the aisles of natural oils can get the best product in hand and that too without compromising with anything, neither the aroma nor the color of the oil. And, for this, it is very much needed to pack them very accurately and precisely as these oils when came in contact with the environment might degrade or lose their original and natural qualities.

That is why; it is advised to pack the oils with such packaging material or accessories that are suitable for climate-controlled packaging in which the oils are packaged under strict regulations and rules of packaging and one such most popular method of packaging is Barrel Packaging.

If we talk about the features of Barrel Packaging, then some of them are listed below:

  • When the oils are packed under barrel packaging, it will keep the natural oils clean, safe, and fresh.
  • The barrel packaging system is known to have features like a convenient method of packaging and distribution, easy handling of the products, use, and reuse of the barrels used for packing the oils.
  • Our packaging team uses special measures to take care of the oils from every difficult condition like temperature, moisture, air, and many others that are affecting the quality of the oils in terms of aroma, composition, self-life, and many others.
  • The barrels that are used for the packaging of the oils and other natural substitutes help to pack the oils safely and securely so that the oils do not leak while transporting them overseas.
  • The HDPE Barrels available here for the packaging are in different sizes so as to meet the need of the customers and firms like 200 Kg that are open from the top and also 200 Kg barrels that are closed from the top and many more others.
barrel packaging

How to carefully pack the barrels for the packaging of natural oils:

Here are some of the tips that can be considered to pack the oils in the barrels carefully for the shipping:

  • Always choose the different types of shipping the barrel that vary in size and quantity.
  • For shipping lighter materials, use plastic barrels and for shipping heavier materials, use steel barrels.
  • It is advised to use good quality of void fill materials before shipping the barrels
  • Always use a heavy base to stack up the barrels filled with oils while transporting them.
  • Use good quality of packaging material to pack every barrel so that the oil filled in them do not leak
  • You can also label the barrels before stacking them for shipping so that the unpacking can be made a bit easier