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Sending liquids around the world is indeed not one of the easiest jobs you are going to do until or unless you understand all the rules and regulations and specifically, the restrictions that have been put forward by different countries and carriers.

Here, we are talking about UPS i.e. United Parcel Service. It is an American multinational company dedicatedly working in the field of supply chain management and package delivery services. Apart from the package delivery operations, this company is also involved as a brand name to denote cargo airlines as UPS Airlines, trucking operations based on freight as UPS Freight, and drone delivery airline as well, known as UPS Flight Forward. The headquarters of this global logistics company is in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the US.

Now, if you want to ship the oil to different cities and countries across the border via UPS, then you’ll face many restrictions and also need to meet certain criteria as not every carrier is having the same rules and with UPS, it is much more difficult as this courier company is a little secretive on its side with the rules and regulations on the products and it is tough to get a straightforward and defined list of rules for shipping liquid. But, one thing that is to be remembered is that it is prohibited to send glass bottles.


To ensure your package of liquid gets accepted for shipment through UPS, always:

  • Use a waterproof container
  • Ensure the container is sealable
  • Do not forget to pad the empty spaces so that the containers do not touch each other
  • Make sure there is no leakage and the pads can absorb the leaked product.
  • Make sure that the bottles are placed upright
  • Use such an outer box for packaging that can stand any kind of leakage.