The market for essential oils has expanded due to the growing interest in treatment. Therefore, it's necessary to understand which brands are dependable and who has a solid reputation now.

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Essential oils are in demand as people look to natural goods. Industry insiders claim that the worldwide market is expanding quickly and sales may surpass $15.3 billion by 2027.

This growth has its reasons like, after COVID consumers are looking for 100% natural and organic items as alternatives to manufactured chemicals. Better health approaches through organic products are also becoming more widely accepted. The advantages of aromatherapy in lowering stress and elevating mood have increased the demand for high-quality essential oils.

What Criteria are Used to Determine the Popularity of Essential Oil Brands

  • Quality: Quality is the most essential factor for any industry that sells quality essential oils. Consumers have faith in brands that provide superior products.
  • purity: Like quality, purity is primarily concerned with ensuring that the oils are free of artificial or dangerous ingredients.
  • Customer Service: Exceptional customer service, including responsive support, easy returns or exchanges, and educational resources, can contribute to positive customer experiences and repeat purchases.
  • Fast Shipping : Timely shipping and reliable customer service are essential for customer satisfaction. Brands that prioritize fast and efficient shipping, offer tracking options, and handle inquiries promptly tend to have happier customers.
  • Brands Reputation: Brands must acquire the respect of their target public. If consumers continue supporting and liking the brand, it gains popularity.
  • Accessibility: It's simple to identify successful brands by their market presence. Top brands offer products that are known for their quality over time. Their products are in various locations, including specialized shops, internet retailers, and other businesses.

These elements contribute to developing a brand's success and reputation for top essential oil brands. Customers are more likely to trust brands that provide excellent quality and purity, and brands with a significant market presence are also easier to locate.

List of Top 11 brands of essential oils


Average Rating: 4.6 stars

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One of the US's top producers and distributors of fragrance and essential oils is VINEVIDA. Initially founded in 2017 to provide essential oils, their product line has since grown to include absolutes, bases, carrier oils, and fragrance oils for the soap, candle, and perfumery sectors. Based in the historic region of the Tequesta, Miccosukee, and Simonole nations, Vinevida works out of a facility in Miami. They make an effort to maintain their purity and sustainably source these.

10. Bulk Apothecary

Average Rating: 4.2 stars

Originally opening as a tiny brick-and-mortar specialty store in Streetsboro, Ohio, Bulk Apothecary has expanded to rank among the country's biggest online providers of a range of products and essential oils. They mainly started selling supplies for manufacturing soap and candles, but word got out about their great rates, superior quality, and outstanding customer service. After just three years, they had a strong web presence that was increasing daily and had broadened their product line to include vitamin supplements and specialty components. Today, they still manage their little Streetsboro, Ohio store and have an incredible web presence.

9. Nature In Bottle

Average Rating: 4.2 stars

Nature In Bottle is devoted to making better lives for farmers, harvesters, distillers, and their groups. They do this by providing therapeutic-grade essential oils and natural ingredients. Working to create steady incomes while promoting the general health and well-being of the environment and society, they are committed to an open and moral supply chain. They never use unethical production methods or include synthetics, pollutants, or inexpensive fillers in their products. They are a non-MLM business selling directly to customers online with no middlemen. They guarantee everyone, from new craftspeople with developing companies to well-established professional cosmetics makers, can afford the highest quality essential oils and natural cosmetic components.

8. New Directions Aromatics

Average Rating: 4.6 stars

New Directions Europe has a great pick of superior products. They have provided clients worldwide with 100% pure essential oils, organic oils, Ayurvedic goods, health products, raw materials, and packaging solutions for more than 18 years.

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7. Wholesale Botanics

Average Rating: 4.4 stars

Their combined experience in the fragrance and essential oil sectors exceeds 50 years, and they take great satisfaction in their dedication to potency, safety, and quality. Being a leading private labeler and wholesaler of naturally produced essential oils, carrier oils, and other goods, Wholesale Botanics was founded in 1998. They work hard to offer complete service to clients of all sizes worldwide so that they can buy essential oils from anywhere.

6. Aarnav Global Export

Average Rating: 4.8 stars

Their mission is to enable everyone to select the most incredible products for their skin, hair, physical and mental health. They try to address every facet that affects a person's physical and mental wellness. Considering the issues associated with human life, they introduce natural and plant-based oils and other natural alternatives supporting physical and mental health.

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