How Essential Oils are Helpful for Boosting Immune System to Fight COVID-19!!

In our daily lives, we do a lot to achieve glowing and flawless skin and also to have fit and healthy. But, this is indeed a fact that no matter how hard we try, the health of the immune systems will get compromised at some point in life, and that is when we need to […]

Find Aromatherapy As A Sure Treatment to Cure these 10 Common Ailments!!

Aromatherapy is one such practice whose history dates back hundreds and thousands of years back serving humankind in treating several health issues and problems and has given its best to evolve immensely and perfectly over the centuries in the medical history. Pure essential oils play a vital role in making Aromatherapy helpful and useful as […]

Basil Essential Oil: Must-Have Natural Oil for its Indian Medicinal History!!

From the aisles of the naturally extracted and pure essential oils, Basil essential oil might not be the go-to option for everyone on daily basis but, there is no surprise that the benefits and the natural properties of the basil counts in the Indian medical history and is still serving the humankind either in the form […]

Ultimate Peppermint Essential Oil Guide!!

Peppermint essential oil is multi-purpose naturally extracted oil that is earning the reputation and popularity by being one of the most versatile oils in the world. There has always been a debate between the essential oils about which is the best of all. But the truth is each and every oils is best in itself as […]

Lemon Essential Oil Guide: All You Need to Know about Lemon Oil’s Magic for Skin, Hair & Health!!

Popularly known by the nickname “Liquid Sunshine”, Lemon essential oil is one such natural substitute in the aisles of essential oils that have been used in the formulation of Ayurvedic medicines from thousands of years. The reason behind such huge popularity of this oil is its vast range of treatments and health benefits that are serving humans […]

An Ultimate Guide on Essential Oils worth Considering for Beginners!!

In the hectic and hustled schedule of life, everyone wants an easy route to everything and that is why the home remedies have taken the form of chemical substitutes like for naturally healthy skin, we have make-up bags filled with products, for any health issue, we have medicines and similarly, everything has become so easy […]

Let’s Pair Coming Winters with Goodness of Essential Oils!

Winters are the best time to enjoy and have fun. Away from the sunny hot weather and sweaty days, winter is cozy and much more comfy. With the cool crisp and chilled air, snowflakes floating, and children enjoying the snow fights, this weather is the favorite of many, but not for all. Fused with this […]

Magical Benefits of Cassia Oil to Promote Healthy Life!!

Cassia essential oil is extracted from the cassia tree which is also known as Cinnamomum cassia via a steam distilled method. It is closely related to the cinnamon. This oil is hugely admired among the people for its amazing and effective health benefits. This oil is not only used to promote good health but also […]

5 Essential Oils that Promote Good Sleep and Eliminate Anxiety!!

In today’s time, people are living a busy lifestyle. They are running and living life. In a wish to get better than the others, they are not enjoying what they have. In this whole phenomenon, they are losing the most beautiful gift of God that is Health. Yes, Due to high stress, anxiety and tension, […]

Struggling with Stress, Anxiety, & Lack of Sleep? Try these Essential Oils!

Sleep is the basic requirement of the body. It not only preps you for the next day challenges but also calms your mind and body both. Sleep deprivation is the main reasons for the anxiety and stress that strikes the mind and keep you lagging all day and awakes you in the night. If you […]

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