These days one can find scores of essential oil suppliers vying for the buyers’ attention by offering their pure and Natural essential oils at attractive bulk and wholesale pricing. Let us look into the science of bulk and wholesale pricing today.

When one says ”Pure Bulk Essential Oils” it means purchasing essential oils and allied products wich involves procurement of large quantities of the same item(s). Manufacturers and suppliers of essential oils and other such allied products time and again lower the unit price(s) per item(s) on the basis of volumes of such items are sold in one go. This activity gives dual benefits. The manufacture rests assured of a large production run and his major and regular large quantities purchasers are more persuaded to buy from the manufacturer who is giving much better concessional rates and thereby increasing their margins of sales. Bulk essential oils purchasing is much admired by large businesses, however it can also be a profitable equation for small and medium enterprises as well as individuals in the business of pure and natural essential oils.

There is not much ‘rocket’ science behind bulk essential oils sales. It mainly involves sales derivatives and profit tables.

The Manufacturers of natural essential oils and other allied aromatic products usually set their bulk pricing schemes by reviewing their sales history over a period of time, while taking into account their ordinary profit margins and expected sales returns. Bulk purchasing pricing is mostly tiered which means a certain percentage of discount is applicable to purchases of a fixed quantity of essential oils or allied products. There may not be a discount below that ‘offer’, however higher discount percentage is assured for higher number and/or volumes of the products purchased.

Usually, the more of one product item or a number of product items a ‘bulk buying’ purchaser is willing to buy and (commit as well), the less he/she will have to pay for each product when calculated in terms of unit price for that product. For the same buyer who sells the same products in the retail market the ‘margin’ of profit increases as for widened difference in his Selling Price (S.P.) and Cost Price (C.P.). The ‘margin’ also empowers him/her to further negotiate prices with his/her regular and loyal customers and/or giving promotional discounts.Pure Bulk Essential Oils

Hence, It always costs manufacturers less to make something than what the S.P. indicates and to the bulk buyers making larger profits in terms of the margins. This is how both manufacturers and bulk buyers generate revenues and profits. So we can easily say that “Bulk buying” of essential oils, carrier oils and many such allied products will give you larger profit margins, no matter  if you are big or small entrepreneur.

I spoke of even individuals deriving profits from bulk buying of essential oils! But how, you might ask. Individuals might come across bulk purchasing schemes and when they look for ordering customized or specific merchandise of their choice which involve large variety of essential oils and related products. The applicability of this concept becomes more feasible as there are many categories of products offered in this business and manufacturers and wholesalers will always be happy to see their large variety of products moving – regularly and hence they are more than willing to offer discounts on such purchases. One can find a lot of instances where Wholesalers can be seen sell bulk essential oils and related products to the general public at amazingly discounted prices!

The concept of wholesale purchasing varies slightly from bulk purchasing; though the two go hand-in-hand. Wholesales situations involve retailing goods at cost. This usually only makes sense when selling the items in bulk, or when there are excesses of certain products that need to be quickly moved.  This is where the wholesalers provide support to manufacturers for quick disposal of their manufactured products.

The concept of ‘bulk buying’ and ‘wholesale’ applies to sales across the board, in many different market sectors, however is observed to best serve the industry of essential oils, especially when the products range is large or shall we say HUGE! M/s AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL is exclusively into Manufacturing, Wholesales and Exports of 100% Natural and pure essential oils and allied products. They are widely known for their Best Quality Products at some amazing pricing! You too can try their ‘Bulk Essential Oils Buying’ offers and reap the benefits!

GOD Bless‼

The MAGIC of ‘Bulk Buying’ and ‘Wholesale’ In Essential Oils Business!

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