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Welcome to Aromaaz International

Welcome to Aromaaz International, a convenient wholesale pure essential oil manufacturers and supplier from where you can easily shop a variety of essential oils as well as herbal products. Our online megastore contains a wide selection of aromatherapy oils, pure essential oils, natural essential oils, essential oil India, pure bulk essential oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, carrier and base, oils natural flower oils, spice oils, hydrosols, massage oils, Indian attars etc. All our goods are hygienically produced in our warehouses by implementing the most recent distillation as well as extraction techniques.

Our products feature 100% natural ingredients and don’t have adverse effects. Essential oils offered by us are packed in airtight bottles of striking sizes so that the properties and aroma of the products remain preserved. In addition to cosmetic usages, pure essential oils feature great remedial properties. You can employ our variety of products to live a fit and healthy life for long. Experience the magical wonders of our essential oil products on your mind, body & soul. The wholesale essential oils can be procured easily by online shopping through our site.

Featured Products

  • We offer a variety of pure essential oil products treated from optimum quality raw ingredients and elements.
  • All our products are entirely natural, pure and 100% organic.
  • We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and eco- friendly technologies in all our production units.
  • Our quality controllers austerely check each item to meet the worldwide standards.
  • Our retail and wholesale essential oil products are hygienically made and packaged with shielding material for protected delivery.
  • We are customer oriented organization and all our actions are directed to offer maximum client satisfaction.
  • To trace each product easily, we follow strict documentation control procedure.
  • We manufacture quality formulations and support the farming of rare herbs and scented crops.
  • Wholesale custom packaging is also available to meet particular demand of customers on request.

India is recognized in the industry for its production and distribution of pure essential oils in the worldwide markets. Its diverse climatic zones offer good ambiance for the cultivation as well as growth of a variety of rare herbs, exotic flowers, aromatic crops, fruits & vegetable species. India has a prosperous delicate scent and savor industry and essential-oils play a prevailing role in the hit of this industry. The country boats numerous libraries, research laboratories and globally prominent institutes where training is given to the professionals and entrepreneurs about extraction, farming, manufacturing and processing of a range of essential oils, aroma, herbal products and fragrances.

India boats strong Ayurvedic practices and use of pure essential oils has been an essential part of its citizens since decades. There are a number of rare as well as endangered herbs that are grown and cultivated in India. To cure several ailments as well as enhance bodily appearance, essential oils have long been used in the country. Centuries’ old knowledge is still employed in distillation as well as processing of essential oils in India. However, the procedures have been enhanced a lot with the exercise of automation and most recent technologies. One can easily order for wholesale essential oils online.

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