Not long ago when I fell sick and while recuperating I had to travel to my hometown for an unavoidable domestic work purposes. I was weak and that long journey drained away the rest of the goodness left in me. I felt at the nausea tic best and the travel sickness traumatized my soul no less. Knowing the amount of open mindedness and alertness required for the job I went for and considering my then health, my ever-considerate better half packed some Spearmint essential oil in my luggage.

Thanks Goodness! Such a lovely soul she is. Not only it relieved me of nausea and giddiness, a small amount rubbed on my temple and my headache was gone. A little later, a diluted solution rubbed on my navel region made my stomach feel better!

How do you do Mr. Spearmint?  J

Botanically christened as Mentha spicata, the Spearmint tree is the member of ‘Mint’ family and is very similar to Peppermint in terms of attributes. However, Spearmint is the milder of the two. Various researchers and botanist conclude Peppermint as a ‘hybrid’ of Spearmint and Water mint, which is even sharper from the rest of the two. A native to the land of ‘Spices’, India, besides its gentle medicinal attributes, the Spearmint is universally regarded and highly valued as a culinary herb as well. The flower heads of the organically harvested Spearmint plant are subjected to steam distillation under religious organic conditions to derive a spicy and sweet smelling Spearmint essential oil, whiffing its characteristic minty aroma, very similar to that of Peppermint. It appears Golden Yellow in the running fluid form. It is the sweetness factor, being higher in Spearmint, is what makes it different from Peppermint.

‘Inhabitants’ inside!

The Spearmint Essential Oil (Organic) principally contains Carvone and Limonene as its chief chemical constituents.

It prefers to get drowned into….

Akin to other oils, the Spearmint essential oil says NO to water in terms of solubility, however affirms to alcohol and other oils.

The ‘Nature’s Bundle’ of benefits!

Besides its benefits mentioned above, parents will be happy to know that Spearmint essential oil works well with children and veterans in comparison with Peppermint essential oil, which is somewhat harsh in both taste and touch.

As a stimulant it makes the mind more alert. Its cleansing effect helps sharpening the senses as well. Its vermifuge properties make it a wonderful insect repellant. As a decongestant it clears the nose and throat thereby provides relief from sinusitis and other nasal discomforts. It supports and regulates digestive system and hence enhances metabolism. Its medicinal and culinary properties make it an important ingredient for the over-indulging foods and beverages. A therapeutic inhalation also helps relieving from nausea and giddiness.

Just as all other essential oils benefit us immensely, M/s AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL’s Organic Spearmint Essential Oil (Certified) is bound to change the way you live – Naturally!

A Smart Oil For An Alert And Sharp Mind: Organic Spearmint Essential Oil!

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