Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the sheer enigmatic aroma of the Cardamom spice which had a primary use and place in my grandmother’s and mother’s kitchen. Not only that it was used extensively used for culinary purposes, the essential oil of Cardamom was regularly used for medicinal purposes to cure flatulence, dyspepsia and several other digestive disorders besides being used as a natural breath freshener and to clear mental tiredness.

Say ‘Hello’ to Cardamom!

Elettaria cardamomum or commonly called Cardamom is well known to us since olden times. The ancient Egyptians used it in perfumes and incenses and also chewed it to whiten their teeth. The Romans used it for curing their stomach disorders caused due to over-eating. The Arabs used it in ground form in their coffee. Cardamom Essential Oil is an important ingredient in Indian kitchen and is widely used for cooking in almost all Asian countries. It is a perennial herb resembling a reed that grows in wild conditions and is mainly cultivated in India and Sri Lanka. It grows up to 14 feet and has long, Green, silk-textured blades. It blooms small Yellow, Violet tipped flowers and a big plump rhizome, akin to Ginger. Oblong-shaped Grey colored fruits follow the flowers, each containing many seeds.  The Cardamom is known to be native to India and Sri Lanka however some studies suggest Madagascar as its place of origin. The ripened and dried seeds of the Cardamom herb are steam-distilled under religious organic conditions of processing. The oil yield hence obtained is colorless to very pale Yellow, light and runny liquid which whiffs a sweet, spicy and almost balsamic fragrance.

All that ‘Chemistry’ involved!

The main chemical constituents I the organic essential oil of Cardamom are – 1, 8-Cineol, Limonenel, Terpinene and Terpinyl-Acetate. It is for the presence of its chemical constituents, Cardamom essential oil has been observed to be principally helpful for regulating the digestive system, functioning as a laxative and soothing colic and effectively curing flatulence, dyspepsia and even nausea caused during pregnancy.

Bergamot, Caraway, Cedar wood, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Orange and Rose essential oils are the best known ‘blend friends’ of the organic Cardamom essential oil (certified).

The awesome benefits of Cardamom!

It helps increasing bile production and hence promotes absorption of fats. It promotes oral health by sweetening the breath and makes teeth shining White. As a massage oil or diluted in the bath, organic Cardamom essential oil is readily used by aroma-therapists all over the globe as a remedy to cure, regulate and maintain the functioning digestive system besides being used as a general tonic. A prescribed aromatic inhalation clears the mind of weariness and fatigue. It is an important ingredient of perfumes and fragrances due to its strong Balsamic note aroma. These days not only in India and other Asia countries, the Cardamom essential oil is widely deployed for culinary purposes in the countries all over the world. It brings an amazing flavor to some select beverages as well.

Where to look for your favorite Organic Cardamom Essential Oil (Certified)?

One may find scores of essential oil suppliers selling their essential oils and other allied products through their on-line stores,, at a single ‘click’ on the internet. However it is important to do some research before making the purchase. Look out for the vintage of the company, check for its repute (reviews on the social media platforms, testimonials), source of procurement and of course pricing. M/s AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL is an India-based company, exclusively into manufacturing, wholesaling and bulk supplying of ‘Quality promised’ Natural and pure essential oils and allied aromatic products with more than Four hundred and Fifty products in their exquisite range and they continue to add their products and product categories. Visit Aromaaz International to know more. It will be a pleasant experience, let me assure you that!

A Famed Cure For Your ‘Over-Indulged’ Stomach: The Organic Cardamom Essential Oil (Certified) from AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL!

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