Essential oils are the most sought after oil at the moment. Unlike synthetic oils, these essential oils are naturally grown and naturally extracted. Essential oils have medicinal applications and are widely used in aromatherapy and naturopathy. These oils are called essential because they are the essence of natural plants, trees, flowers, roots, fruits, etc.

These oils are also colloquially called miracle performer oils. The demands for these oils are on the rise.  Today many reputed and prominent Essential oils manufacturers have come up to keep pace with the increasing demand of the day. The Aromaaz International is one of the leading manufacturers of Natural Flower Oils. It also acts as the Certified Organic Oil Manufacturer and Traditional Indian Attar Suppliers.

Flower Oil SuppliersThe beneficiary factors of these oils are credited to the presence of certain properties in them. Many of these oils act as disinfectant, stimulant, deodorant, antiviral, antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, astringent, etc. Below are some of the types of essential oils and their health benefits:

Lemon Essential Oil:

Lemon essential oil is one of the most extensively used essential oils. This oil is used to purify toxin from part of the body. It is used widely as bug repellent and acts as one of the most powerful antimicrobial agent. Lemon oil is also used in controlling fat loss. It is also used in whitening teeth, face wash, laundry and natural cleanser.

Lomon Oils in IndiaLavender Essential Oil:

This is the most used essential oil in today’s world. This oil was first used by Greek for deodorant and now the oil is used for healing wound and burn. It is used to weaken anxiety and stress. It is also useful in relieving headache and other body related pain. This oil also helps us to sleep in peace. Lavender oil also support brain and enhances its activity. It is also useful in healing skin infection and burning sensation of skin.

Lavender Oil ManufacturerCardamom Essential Oil:

Cardamom oil is scientifically called Elletaria Cardamomum. This oil too has many health benefits. It is helpful in healing muscular and respiratory convulsion. It is one of the main antiseptic and disinfectant agents therefore, helpful in preventing wounds and cuts from becoming septic. It is beneficial in boosting and improving digestive system. It is also a solution to weight loss and other sexual related problems. It also strengthened nervous system.

Cardamom Essential Oils in IndiaEucalyptus Essential Oil:

Today this oil is used in many health related issue, it is used extensively in healing common cold and flu. This oil is used to treat hair loss or in other words, it sustains healthy hair growth. This oil is also used as natural cleanser and odour remover. Eucalyptus oil is also used for treating allergies and sinus problem. It is used for relieving wound and other respiratory problems.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil SuppliersRosemary Essential Oil:

This oil is also widely known for its distinctive health benefits property. The primary benefits one derives from using rosemary oil is, it helps improve digestion. It is beneficial for healthy respiration and healthy functioning of nervous system. Emotionally this oil helps overcome fatigue, stress and tension.

Rosemary Oil ManufacturersBeside the above types of essential oils there are many other beneficial essential oils that are recommended for daily usage. Log on to and discover the amazing truth about these essential oils. It is one of the prominent essential oils manufacturer, supplier, bulk seller, wholesaler and exporter in India as well as worldwide.

5 Outstanding Essential Oils and their Benefits

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