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Lime Essential Oil

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Lime Essential Oil

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Product Technical Information

  Botanical Name Citrus latifolia Tanaka
  CAS# 8008-26-2
  Color & Odor  Pale yellow to yellowish green liquid & Sweet acidulous lemon peel odor
  F.E.M.A. #  2631 
  Country of Origin Brazil
  Methods of Extraction Cold Pressed
  Constituents N/A
  Solubility Soluble in alcohol & insoluble in water
  Specific Gravity 0.857-0.879
  Refractive Index 1.4760-1.486
  Flash Point 230 °F
  Optical Rotation 50.5
  Major Constituents a-pinene, b-pinene, myrcene, limonene, terpinolene

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Lime oil is a sort of essential oil which is prepared through steam distillation or cold pressing of lime peels. Lime fruit is green in color and is found in lime plant. It is botanically called as Citrus aurantifolia which is a member of Rutaceae family. Lime is an evergreen tree with smooth green leaves, sharp spines and small white flowers. It is also known as sour lime, Mexican lime or Western India lime. Oil of lime is pale yellow to light olive in color and comes with sharp smell of citrus peel. It has nice sweet tart citrus brightness similar to lime.

  1. OUTSTANDING PRICE & QUALITY! Review by J.Alexandra

    Thank you very much Aromaaz for having this Italian Lime in your inventory! It is the very best for Ancient Biblical Historical Products I produce!

  2. Augur De' Kempp, Student, Sicily Review by Augur De' Kempp

    Augur De' Kempp, Student, Sicily - I am studying chemical engineering and often after long classroom sessions I feel anxiety and uneasiness. I often take a 'medical dose' of this great product in some alcohol and sleep for a while; I wake up with a fresh lease of life in me. Thank you A.I. for your care....

  3. Roberto Donnadonni, researcher, Venice Review by Roberto Donnadonni

    Roberto Donnadonni, researcher, Venice - Io vengo dall'Italia ed hanno studiato che l'origine di questo olio è dal mio paese; si sente male, ma mi danno tutti i crediti a questo "Mercante di India" cioè AROMAAZ per inventare questo magico olio per il trattamento della mia pelle. Il mio sentito ringraziamento. (Translation: I am from Italy and have studied that origin of this oil is from my country; feels good however I give all credit to this "Merchant of India" i.e. AROMAAZ for inventing this magic oil for the treatment of my skin ailments. My heartfelt thanks.)

  4. Alberto Pinccini, Naples Review by Alberto Pinccini

    Alberto Pinccini, Naples - I am a retired army person and was suffering from acute rheumatic pains; one of my close friends recommended this oil for therauptic use and it worked wonders for me. I feel young again…

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  • Lime oil is useful in the treatment of infections like sore throat,cold, fevers etc. it is an useful anti bacterial astringent and is useful in thetreatment of various skin ailments like acne etc. Lime oil has toningproperties; hence it is worn to clear oily skin and also helps to cure herpes,insect bites and cuts.
  •  Lime oil also aids immune system and is used in the cure of coughs,sinus and bronchitis. It is helpful in the cure of arthritis, rheumatism, poorcirculation as well as treats obesity and cellulites. Lime oil is also usefulin reviving tired minds, calms anxiety and depressions.
  •  Lime oil is widely used in vapor therapy as burners and vaporizers. Itis blended with other oils for massage and baths.

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