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Pink Lotus Attar

Pink Lotus Attar

(Nelumbo nucifera)
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Nelumbo nucifera South India and western India Conventional hydro distillation Flower Can be blended with Carrier Oils

With years of experience, Aromaaz International is actively engaged in offering Pink Lotus Attar of best quality. The attar is supplied in airtight bottle in different quantities to meet distinctive needs of the customers.


Pink lotus belongs to the family Nelumbonaceae of plant kingdom. It is an aquatic perennial plant whose leaves floats on the water of river and ponds and flower are present on the thick steam, roots that grows on the soil in the bottom. The seeds can be seen lying on the water that remains viable for several years. Most of the parts of this plant such as stem, leaves, flower, seeds and roots are edible.

Benefits of Pink Lotus Attar

• It is widely used to prepare skincare products and perfumes.
• The revitalizing and refreshing aroma of Pink Lotus Attar helps to increase concentration of mind and provides relaxation to mind.
• Pink Lotus attar is used for aromatherapy treatment.

Precautionary Measures!

• People who are allergic to Lotus flower should avoid using Pink Lotus attar.
• The bottle should be kept away from the reach of children and pets.
• Pregnant lady should avoid using this attar and seek medical advice if they wish to use it.

Botanical Name
Nelumbo nucifera
Color & Odor
Blue, pink or white and divine odor
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
hydro distillation
Sunflower seed oil, grain alcohol, essential oils of tangerine, pink grapefruit
Can be blended with Carrier Oils
Specific Gravity
Flash Point
55 °C
Optical Rotation
+3 Ce to +3.5 Ce
Major Constituents
Sunflower seed oil, grain alcohol, essential oils of tangerine, pink grapefruit

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