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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Grade - 1)

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Grade - 1)
(Cananga odorata )
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Additional Information

Cananga odorata Madagascar Conventional Steam Distillation-1st stage Flowers Sweet Floral Soluble in Alcohol & Oils

Botanical Name

Cananga odorata



Extraction Method

Steam Distillation-1st stage

Country of origin




Variety: Ylang Ylang (Grade 1) Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil is a floral oil available in three different grades besides ylang-ylang(extra) oil. Grade 1 ylang ylang essential oil has the sweetest floral scent. Aromaaz International provides ylang-ylang essential oil of all grades. Our enterprise is one of the spearheading essential oil suppliers in the UK, US, and other countries.


Cananga tree is a tropical tree cultivated in India, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia. It is a fast-growing tree in the Annonaceae family. It grows more than 16 feet in the first year and achieves an average height of 39 feet within 2 to 3 years. People also call it a perfume or fragrant tree. The ideal conditions for the growth of these trees are full or partial sunlight and acidic soils with average rainfall. People appreciate the tree for its scented flowers and its usage in perfumeries.

Cananga tree has pinnate evergreen glossy leaves, oval leaflets, drooping yellow-greenish, long-stalked flowers with six narrow petals.

Cananga Essential Oil Manufacturers and EO Description 

Cananga essential oil manufacturers extract the pale yellow medium-consistency oil from the yellow flowers through steam distillation. A single steam distillation process is interrupted thrice to produce ylang-ylang oil of different grades after derivation of ylang-ylang (extra) oil. The grade 1 ylang ylang essential oil is more concentrated and fragrant than the ylang-ylang oil of other grades. The major constituents of ylang-ylang oil are linalool, farnesol, geraniol, and benzyl acetate.

Ylang-ylang oil (grade 1) has an exquisite floral, sweet, and fruity aroma. It contains esters, ethers, and phenols in high proportion and offers middle or base perfumery notes. It has antidepressant and anti-inflammatory qualities. 

A Brief History of Ylang Ylang (Grade 1) Essential Oil 

An English botanist John Ray first described the ylang-ylang tree as Arbour sanguisen in the 17th century. Then other explorers named the ylang-ylang plant Borga cananga and Unona data. Albert Schwenger extracted the oil from flowers for the first time in 1860. Then, European men used this oil as a component in hair-grooming products in the 19th and 20th centuries. Apart from that, the perfume makers used it in oriental and floral-based perfumes. It has been commonly grown in Madagascar from where the people export world over. People in different cultures used it as an aphrodisiac. 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Grade 1) Benefits 

Ylang Ylang oil suppliers deliver it in every corner of the world, particularly the European countries to derive the following benefits 

  • The oil offers a strong, jasmine-like aroma with fruity notes like neroli.
  • It helps combat stress, anxiety, depression, and anger.
  • It aids in balancing sacral and solar plexus chakra.
  • It treats acne and oily skin and helps in hair loss.
  • It promotes libido and is useful in aromatherapy.

Ylang Ylang (Grade 1) Essential Oil Uses

  • It finds wide application as a fragrance component in perfumes.
  • Cosmetic manufacturers use it in making skincare and hair care formulations.
  •  DIY users and bulk blend manufacturers add it in diffuser blends.
  • Aromatherapists incorporate it into massage or aromatherapy oils.

The ylang-ylang essential oil (Grade 1) manufacturers in India provide the oil in the required quantities with airtight packaging, ensuring safe transition in every part of the world for industrial and household use.

Available Product Variant

Ylang Ylang (Grade 2) Essential oil, Ylang Ylang Floral Water, Ylang Ylang Certified Essential Oil. 

Ylang Ylang essential oil blends well with 

Bergamot, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Rose, Carnation, Geranium, Cedarwood, chamomile, and Sandalwood essential oils. The ylang-ylang essential oil suppliers also offer these oils in bulk for the blend.

General Precautionary Measures!

We advise you to take the following precautionary measures as a ylang-ylang (Grade 1) essential oil wholesale manufacturer.

  • Excess of Ylang ylang essential oil (Grade 1) may lead to headaches, so it is recommended to diffuse or use it in moderation and dilution.
  • Avoid using Ylang Ylang (grade 1) oil on sensitive areas, eyes, and mucous membranes.

Storage Instructions

Transfer the essential oil content received in aluminum containers from the Ylang Ylang essential oil (Grade 1) bulk manufacturers to the amber dark glass bottles. And store them in cool, dark places away from sunlight and heat to preserve their essence till their expiry.

The Locations Covered

As a ylang-ylang (Grade 1) essential oil wholesale supplier, the enterprise delivers the oil to any location in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Serbia and other countries of the world.

Botanical Name
Cananga odorata
Color & Odor
Clear with Yellow Tinge, Deep, Rich Floral
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Steam Distillation-1st stage
Linalol, Farnesol, Geraniol.
Soluble in Alcohol & Oils
Specific Gravity
0.948 – 0.968
Flash Point
>200° F
Optical Rotation
-60 to -40
Major Constituents
Linalol, Farnesol, Geraniol.
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