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List of Petit Grain Essential Oil
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Petit Grain Essential Oil

Petit Grain Essential Oil

(Citrus aurantium)
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Citrus aurantium Italy Conventional Steam Distillation Twigs and Stems floral, bitter somewhat like orange blossom Soluble in alcohol and fixed oils

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Vernacularly called Bitter orange, Bigarade orange and Marmalade orange, Citrus Aurantium is a fruit bearing tree indigenous to Southeast Asia especially Northeast India but now it is cultivated in many regions of the world. The plant is categorised under Rutaceae family and is a cross hybrid between Citrus Maxima and Citrus Reticulata.

Overview of Petit Grain Essential Oil

Green twigs of bitter orange plant are steam distilled to attain Petit Grain essential oil. Colour of essential oil ranges from yellow to brown colour and has a sweet floral yet tangy odour. It contains vital components like Gamma Terpineol, Geraniol, Geranyl Acetate, Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Myrcene, Neryl Acetate and Trans Ocimene.

Benefits of Petit Grain Essential Oil

• If someone is suffering from cough, abdominal cramps, intestinal gases, convulsions or muscular sprain, he can use Petit Grain essential oil to relieve from all of them at once.
• The oil is known for relaxing properties which makes it ideal to be used for treating mental health disorders like anxiety, depression and insomnia.
• Many people are allergic to chemical constituted deodorants and perfumes. In that circumstance, they can use Petit Grain essential oil to remove sweaty smell and harmful bacteria.
• The oil is best to be used for treating any kind of nervous issue as it is very beneficial to sooth down nervous afflictions and hysteric attack.
• It is very effective during skin irritations, inflammations, anxiety and mood swings when used as massaging oil.

Precautionary Measures!

When used to add flavours in food, it is very safe to ingest. However, it may cause side effects when taken as medicine to treat any health issue during pregnancy and lactation. Also, its consumption should be avoided during Diabetes as it can result in misbalancing the blood sugar level.

Botanical Name
Citrus aurantium
Color & Odor
Yellow to brown colour & sweet floral odour
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Steam Distillation
Gamma Terpineol, Geraniol, floral, bitter some
Soluble in alcohol and fixed oils
Specific Gravity
0.87800 to 0.88900 @ 25.00 °C.
Flash Point
152.00 °F. TCC (66.67 °C.)
Optical Rotation
-4.00 to +1.00
Major Constituents
Gamma Terpineol, Geraniol, floral, bitter some

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