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Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

(Anthemis Nobilis L)
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Anthemis Nobilis L United Kingdom Conventional Steam Distillation Flowers smell like chamomiles. vol 80% ethanol

Avail purest extract of Chamomile Roman essential oil with Aromaaz International to meet all the diverse needs. The purity of this oil can be analyzed with its bluish or yellowish color or by its woody and herbal fragrance.


Scientifically known as Anthemis nobilis L, Chamomile Roman is a low perennial plant which blooms daisy like white blossoms. Flowers of the tree mature during month of June and July. It requires fragile soil, proper sunlight and moisture for better cultivation.

Overview of Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

Chamomile Roman essential oil is a clear and lucid liquid extracted by steam distillation method. Its aroma is very sweet and balsamic as similar to apple. The oil has main components like Camphor, myrcene, caryophellene, a- pinene, b- pinene, propyl angelate and butyl angelate.

Benefits of Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

• Chamomile Roman Essential Oil helps in fighting anxiety and depression by promoting relaxation.
• Its balsamic and sweet aroma makes it ideal to be used for aromatherapy.
• Chamomile Roman essential oil is a natural allergy reliever as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.
• Using Chamomile Roman essential oil can result in alleviating menstrual pain and PMS symptoms.

Blends well with

Chamomile Roman essential oil goes well with Tea Tree, Patchouli, Neroli, Rose, Bergamot ,Ylang Ylang, Clary sage, Geranium, Lemon and Lavender.

Precautionary Measures!

Chamomile Roman essential oil is very safe when used by children. However, it should not be consumed during pregnancy and lactation as it can cause miscarriage. In least cases, people might experience allergic reactions.

Botanical Name
Anthemis Nobilis L
Color & Odor
Bluish to yellow liquid & Sweet herbal green cognac spicy woody odour
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Steam Distillation
Amyl butyrate, butyl angelate
vol 80% ethanol
Specific Gravity
Flash Point
240 °F
Optical Rotation
Major Constituents
Amyl butyrate, butyl angelate

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