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Juniper Berry Essential Oil

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Juniper Berry Essential Oil
(Juniperus Communis)
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Juniperus communis India Conventional Steam distillation Ripe berries woody, sweet, fresh and crisp. Insoluble in water

Botanical Name

Juniperus Communis



Extraction Method

Steam distillation

Country of origin




As an aroma lover, do you want to try some exotic aroma? Try Juniper berry oil for your DIY or industrial use. Aromaaz International does not leave a trail of any natural aroma from its home country. It offers this mesmerizing oil to users worldwide and is a leading juniper berry oil exporter in India.


Different varieties of Junipers are believed to produce their female seed called Juniper berries. It is particularly not berry rather a cone-like structure made of flesh and that is why it looks like berries. The shrub Juniper grows all through the month and its average height is around 3 meters. Its branches spread all around the erect trunk and straight leaves.

Overview of Juniper Berry Oil

The Juniper plant grows mostly in various parts of North America and Europe, while in India the plant generally grows at a height of around 1500 to 4000 feet. The plant has been found to grow well in Sunny and warm locations and that on the slope of mountains. Juniper Berry Oil is obtained from the dried fresh berries of the plant species named Juniperus communis by juniper berry essential oil manufacturers. Juniper Berry oil acts as a potent detoxifier and it particularly helps in boosting one’s immune system. It has been established from the research that Juniper Berry plants have their origin in Bulgaria.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil benefits

The aroma lovers and juniper berry essential oil manufacturers in India explore the oil for the following benefits

  • Its fragrance has a calming and grounding effect.
  • Its message is effective in conditions of urinary infections, inflammation, arthritis, and fatigue.
  • Its application clears dark spots and blemishes and gives skin an even tone.
  • Its intake helps cleanse the liver and facilitate digestion.
  • It helps reduce cellulite owing to its constituents.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Uses

During ancient times Juniper was used for its magical powers and therefore it helps in fighting evil powers. They have been used in the past as incense that helps in order to purify the environment.

  • It is added to skincare items for wellness properties and aroma.
  • The fruits of the Juniper Berry are widely used to add flavor to food and in many European countries, it is also used during the manufacture of various alcoholic beverages.
  • The Juniper Berry oil is used as a detoxifying agent, antiseptic, tonic, diuretic, and purifying agent.
  • Apart from that, it is also used in treating eczema, problems in the menstrual cycle, bronchitis, dandruff, gout, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, prostate problem, and cystitis.
  • It is diffused to spread fragrance and repel insects or mosquitoes.

The small and big users obtain the oil in required quantities from juniper berry oil wholesale suppliers.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Blends Well With 

Juniper Berry essential oil goes well with Eucalyptus, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Marjoram, Bergamot, Sandalwood Chamomile, and Geranium. The juniper berry oil suppliers also offer these oils for the blend.

Available Product Variants

Juniper Berry Hydrosol

General Precautionary Measures

Following measures are suggested by the juniper berry essential oil manufacturers,

  • It is advisable not to use the oil during pregnancy as that can stimulate the uterine muscles and result in serious problems.
  • Those who are suffering from any kind of kidney disorder should refrain from using Juniper essential oil as it is nephrotoxic in nature.
  • You must not forget to take professional advice before using the oil if you are not completely familiar with its properties and uses.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Storage Instructions

Transfer the essential oil content received in aluminum containers from the Juniper berry essential oil suppliers to amber dark glass bottles. And store them in cool, dark places away from sunlight and heat to preserve their essence till their expiry.

The Locations Covered

As a Juniper berry oil bulk supplier, the enterprise delivers all kinds of products to any location in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Serbia and other countries of the world.

Documents Available on Request

We, as Juniper berry oil bulk manufacturers, provide the following documents to the customers on request,

Certificate of Analysis (CoA) - It gives product specifications, including its color, odor, and other details

Gas Chromatography (GC)- It is a sample workflow-cum-pictorial representation of ingredients & their percentage.

Mass Spectrometry (MS) - It gives details about the constituents of the product and their proportion in products.

Botanical Name
Juniperus communis
8012-91-7, F.E.M.A. : 2604
Color & Odor
Pale yellow clear liquid with fresh, clear, slightly woody aroma
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Steam distillation
a-Pinene, Myrcene
Insoluble in water
Specific Gravity
0.86900 - 0.85900 @ 25°C
Flash Point
106° F
Optical Rotation
-15.00 to 0.00
Major Constituents
a-Pinene, Myrcene
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