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Coco Butter

Coco Butter

(Theobroma Cacao seed butter)
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Theobroma Cacao seed butter Ghana Expeller pressed Cacao beans Insoluble in water and Soluble in warm alcohol or oils


Coco butter is a vegetable fat of cream color and it is extracted from Cocoa beans obtained from the cocoa trees. It is obtained by the process that involves separating the liquor and powder from the beans. A creamy delightful soli substance is obtained pressing the roasted cocoa seeds and then processing. This butter gets softened at the body temperature by adding thick consistency to soaps, toiletries, creams and lotions thereby helping reduce dryness.

Uses and Health Benefits of Coco Butter

• Coco butter is believed to be an excellent source of protective fatty acids. It is rich in omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acid that is considered a great way of supporting the overall health of the human body. And, it is the most stable of all the fats available.
• Cocoa butter is considered to be the powerhouse of antioxidants. And, since it is obtained from cocoa beans which is the whole pack of nutrients. It is believed to be a great booster of the immune system, helps in proper functioning of heart and is greatly helpful in lowering inflammation.
• Coco butter is greatly helpful in prevention of dryness caused to skin. The emollient property of coco butter is helpful in hydrating the skin and lips. It locks in the moisturizer when applied topically. It’s a great nutrient for sensitive skin type.

General Precautionary Measures!

• The bottle containing the oil must be airtight and it should be stored in dry and cool place. The cocoa butter has long shelf life of around two to five years.

Botanical Name
Theobroma Cacao seed butter
Color & Odor
Typical soft and sweet Cocoa aroma
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Expeller pressed
Insoluble in water and Soluble in warm alcohol or oils
Specific Gravity
Flash Point
Optical Rotation
Major Constituents

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