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Avocado Cosmetic Butter

Avocado Cosmetic Butter

(Persea gratissima)
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Persea gratissima Cold pressed Insoluble in water and Soluble in warm alcohol or oils

Avocado is a climacteric, energetic, piriform fruit that belongs to the Lauraceae family. It has green smooth skin, yellow flesh, and contains a medium to large seed. The fruit is rich in proteins and fat-soluble vitamins. The avocado cometic butter manufacturers extract the white butter from the creamy green pulp of the avocado fruit by the cold press after removing the skin and seed.

The butter is solid but soft at room temperature. It becomes liquid in temperatures above 36°C and solidifies upon cooling without changing characteristics. It contains beta carotene, protein, lecithin, fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, and E. Avocado butter is enriched with antioxidants, plant sterols, omega-9, and minerals. It absorbs well with natural ingredients such as honey, glycerin, carrier oils, waxes, and essential oils.

Health Benefits and Uses of Avocado Cosmetic Butter

Avocado butter is an outstanding moisturizer that hydrates and softens the skin. It reduces dark marks, lightens skin, and protects against sun damage. The butter application increases collagen production and accelerates skin repair. It helps treat eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Avocado butter is a popular ingredient in skin care creams, lotions, baby care products, lip balms, soaps, SPF preparations, and antiaging formulations. Its proportion varies from 3% to 100% in a formulation. Many users also add it to massage oils as it helps reduce inflammation and pain.

General Precautionary Measures!

Avocado butter suppliers recommend storing it in refrigerators or cool temperatures below 25° C away from light and moisture in an air-tight container.

Botanical Name
Persea gratissima
Color & Odor
Yellowish or Greenish White or White, Mild or No Scent
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Cold pressed
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids(Oleic and Stearic Acids), Flavanoids
Insoluble in water and Soluble in warm alcohol or oils
Specific Gravity
Flash Point
Optical Rotation
Major Constituents
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids(Oleic and Stearic Acids), Flavanoids

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