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Hyssop Floral Water

Hyssop Floral Water

(Hyssopus Officinalis Linn)
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Hyssopus Officinalis Linn Southern Europe and temperate zones of Asia Conventional Hydro Distillation Leaves and flowering tops floral and sweet scent. Soluble in water.

Aromaaz International offers a variety of floral waters that are 100% pure, organic, and free from any paraffin or preservatives. The wonderful Hyssop Floral Water is extracted from the leaves and flowering tops of the Hyssop plant in accordance with the set industry standards.


Hyssop is a sweet-scented perennial herb that grows to a height of 30-60 cm. The branches of this plant are straight, leaves are connected, and flowers have bluish-purple tinge. The leaves and flower tops of this herb composes the spice.

Overview of Hyssop Floral Water

Hyssop floral water is naturally infused with a pretty, floral and sweet scent. This astounding floral water is hydro distilled from the Hyssopus Officinalis during the month of July to September. It is a natural product that can be included in the skin and hair care routine, or even as an ingredient in the cosmetic products.

Benefits of Hyssop Floral Water

• Hyssop floral water is well-known for various healing properties.
• Hyssop Floral Water is perfect immune system stimulator.
• It’s use helps in balancing fluid levels in the body
• Helps in the proper functioning of the respiratory system
• An incredible remedy for treating skin-related problems.

Precautionary Measures!

• This floral water should not be used by pregnant women as it can lead to miscarriage.
• People having seizures must avoid consuming this floral water.
• Hyssop hydrosol is unsafe for children.

Botanical Name
Hyssopus Officinalis Linn
Color & Odor
Colorless liquidFresh, herby, minty, lavender-like odor
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Hydro Distillation
Soluble in water.
Specific Gravity
0.872 (35 Deg C)
Flash Point
48 Degree C
Optical Rotation
6 Degree +
Major Constituents

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