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Champa (Magnolia) Hydrosol

Champa (Magnolia) Hydrosol

(Magnolia champaca)
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Magnolia champaca South-East Asia Conventional Hydro Distillation Flowers wonderful, exotic scent soluble in water

When you are looking for the purest form of Champa Mangolia water, Aromaaz International is the name to trust on. Along with finest quality of hydrosols, we are acclaimed for providing the widest range of essential oils, oleoresins and certified organic oils.


The botanical name of Champa is Magnolia Champaca. It is a tall evergreen of Magnoliaceae family. The tree has its roots from Indomalaya ecozone, including the regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia-Indochina, and southern China. Timber of this tree is used for fireworks and its flowers are known for its fragrant flowers.

Overview of Champa (Mangolia Water)

Hydrosol of Magnolia champaca is widely used for penetrating deep into the layers of skin. It is popularly known as joy perfume tree and champa tree. The oil can blend with almost every type of essential extracts. Due to its anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is used in many skin treatment products.

Benefits of Champa (Mangolia Water)

• The extract has a long lasting aroma and hence it is used in many perfumes and deodorants.
• It has active compounds of Magnolol and Honokiol which is used in many skin treatment cosmetics.
• It is very beneficial in improving the life essence by removing stress and anxiety.
• Champaca oil helps in retaining bleeding disorders during nasal bleeding and heavy periods.
• The oil can be used as cardiac toner and congenial for heart.

Precautionary Measures!

Champa (Mangolia) water has no such big side effects and is very safe to be used by the children. However, pregnant and lactating women seek medical advice before consuming it directly.

Botanical Name
Magnolia champaca
Color & Odor
Reddish brown transparent liquid with floral, exotic & warm aroma
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Hydro Distillation
5% Magnolol, 2% Honokiol
soluble in water
Specific Gravity
0.920 - 1.050 @ 20°C
Flash Point
125.00 °F
Optical Rotation
Major Constituents
5% Magnolol, 2% Honokiol

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