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Aniseed Hydrosol

Aniseed Hydrosol

(Illicium verum)
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Illicium verum Australia Conventional Hydro Distillation Flower sweet, black licorice like arom Soluble in ethyl alcohol & water

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Anise is an herb of Schisandraceae family. In some places of the world, it is known as star anise, star anise seed, badian, and Chinese star anise. The plant is from the native of northeast Vietnam and Southwest China. It is medium in size which is used for the extraction of shikimic acid.

Overview of Aniseed Floral Water

Along with the fruit, its roots and leaves are also used for therapeutic purposes. It is said that anise has such chemicals that include estrogen effects. It is also used as an effective insecticide. The oil is extracted from the hydro distillation process. The color of the liquid is very transparent or a bit hazy.

Benefits of Aniseed Floral Water

  • Aniseeds have so many skin benefits as it contains detoxifying properties. The herb is antiseptic also.
  • It can reduce hair fall. It helps in hair re-growth and repairing damaged hair.
  • Aniseed is very effective in reducing menstrual cramps. It contains properties of estrogen that is a female hormone.
  • It is also used in many dishes to bring a hot and rich flavor.
  • It is also used in many soaps, creams, perfumes, and deodorants.

Precautionary Measures!

Unlike other extracts, Aniseed floral water is safe at the time of pregnancy and lactation. It is also safe for children as well. However, it can cause some allergic issues to some people with soft skin. It is recommended to keep anise away from breast cancer and uterine cancer patients.

Botanical Name
Illicium verum
Color & Odor
Clear to slightly hazy liquid with Characteristic of aniseed scent
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Hydro Distillation
It has trans-anethole that makes up to 90% of the oil. Other components of taste & smell of anise in
Soluble in ethyl alcohol & water
Specific Gravity
0.970 - 1.030 @ 20°C
Flash Point
167 °F
Optical Rotation
Major Constituents
It has trans-anethole that makes up to 90% of the oil. Other components of taste & smell of anise in

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