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Certified Organic Chamomile German Essential Oil

Certified Organic Chamomile German Essential Oil

(Matricaria Recutita)
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Matricaria Recutita England and Nepal Organic Steam Distillation Flowers No

Aromaaz International offers good quality Chamomile German Essential Oil that has a strong, fruity-like fragrance. This deep blue essential oil is widely known for the benefits it provides to its users. Avail this miraculous essential from us.


Matricaria Recutita, also kown as Matricaria chamomilla, is an annual plant that belongs to the plant family Asteraceae. The plant has straight branches and smooth stems, having a height of 15–60 cm. The leaves of this plant are long and narrow with flowers blossoms during midsummer. The flowers of chamomile carry a strong, aromatic smell.

Overview of Chamomile German Essential Oil

Chamomile German Essential Oil is steam distilled from the dried Chamomile flowers. This essential oil has a deep, blue color with a sweet, cooling, and herbaceous fragrance. The presence of the compound azulene in this essential oil imparts it a blue color. The exotic smell of this essential oil had made it an important ingredient in cosmetics, soaps, perfumeries, and aromatherapy.

Benefits of Chamomile German Essential Oil

• Cure skin rashes if applied after diluting it with coconut oil.
• Treats acne and reduces inflammation on the skin if diluted with Evening Primrose oil.
• This essential oil is an incredible remedy for dandruff. It moisturizes the hair scalp and reduces itching.
• Chamomile oil is a touted solution for people with dry and frizzy hair.
• It helps in reducing the arthritis pain if the affected part is massaged with this oil.

Precautionary Measures!

German Chamomile Essential oil is non-toxic, non-sensitising, and non-irritant. Pregnant women must avoid the use of this essential oil as it may induce menstruation. Go for a skin patch test before applying it.

Botanical Name
Matricaria Recutita
Color & Odor
Deep, mellow, sweet and herbaceous. Reminds that of freshly mown hay. It appears in deep Blue shade
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Steam Distillation
Azulene, ?-Bisabolol, Bisabolol Oxides-A&B, Bisabolone Oxide-A, Chamazulene and Trans-?-Farnesene
Specific Gravity
0.890 - 0.960
Flash Point
57 degrees Celcius
Optical Rotation
Major Constituents
Azulene, ?-Bisabolol, Bisabolol Oxides-A&B, Bisabolone Oxide-A, Chamazulene and Trans-?-Farnesene
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