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List of Caraway Certified Organic Oil (Carum Carvi)
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Caraway Certified Organic Oil (Carum Carvi)

Caraway Certified Organic Oil (Carum Carvi)

(Carum Carvi)
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Carum Carvi Egypt Conventional Steam Distillation Seeds sweet, warm, spicy aroma with a hint of pepper Insoluble in water

Aromaaz International is an ultimate platform that offers organic Caraway Oil to its users. It is obtained from steam distillation process and hence free from preservatives, additives and other chemicals. At ‘Aromaaz International’ buy this organic oil for distinctive purposes in several quantity measures.


The perennial plant of caraway belongs to the family Apiaceae of plant world. The leaves are feathery and have thread-like divisions that grow on the stems. Flowers are small in size that is pink or white in color. Fruits are crescent-shaped that are long and have five ridges.

Overview of Caraway Oil (Carum Carvi)

Caraway Oil is extracted from the seeds of caraway plant through the steam distillation process. The oil thus obtained are pure and organic in nature and therefore, safe to use for health and other benefits.

Benefits of Caraway Oil (Carum Carvi)

• It can be used to treat cough, cold, bronchitis and laryngitis.
• The oil can be used to prevent flatulence and increases appetite.
• One can use Caraway Oil may to battle influenza.

Precautionary Measures!

• Although Caraway Oil is non-toxic in nature still it may cause irritation on the sensitive skin. Care should be taken before applying it.
• It should be first diluted with suitable carrier oil and applied topically on the skin.

Botanical Name
Carum Carvi
Color & Odor
Yellow liquid & Sweet spicy odor with a slight peppery smell odor
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Steam Distillation
terpinene, ß-sesquiphellandrene, m-cymene
Insoluble in water
Specific Gravity
Flash Point
230 °F
Optical Rotation
+70.00 to +80.00
Major Constituents
terpinene, ß-sesquiphellandrene, m-cymene

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