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Therapeutic Massage Blends

Therapeutic Massage Blends

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Therapeutic Blends – As and how you need them!

Creating Therapeutic Blends is an art of all sorts! Making such homogeneous combinations chiefly centers on creating ‘blends’ that might well assist and aid for a particular emotional or physical condition. It takes into account and focuses more on the therapeutic result rather than on the aroma of the blend. However, it is obviously very important to create a therapeutic blend keeping in mind that it is very pleasing in terms of its aroma!

It is very important to select such 100% pure and Natural Essential Oils that do not have any safety concerns or contra-indications that can or may affect other aspects of our health. For example, for creating a blend that assists to get rid of dandruff for a pregnant woman, Rosemary Essential Oil

Should always is avoided as it is contra-indicated during pregnancy. Similarly, a blend meant for arthritis would never include Peanut Carrier Oil if the concerned patient is allergic to peanuts. Although Peanut Carrier Oil is reported to provide great benefit in arthritis blends. It is also important to remember the scenarios for which such blends are prepared and created. For those who have problems of insomnia or disturbed sleep or suffer from periodic cramps, a blend that he/she can use right before bedtime would be ideal! The 100% organic and pure essential oils of Cypress and Peppermint can provide great relief to persons with menstrual cramps or having troubled sleeps, however since these are energizing oils, a professional and ethical blender would always avoid these oils in a blend.

The Essential Oils Profiles of AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL catalogs aromatic descriptions and the uses for all those essential oils and that gives you the best possible information on safety concerns, therapeutic actions and aromatic descriptions for more than 400 such oils. Such a resource can be quite helpful in creating your personal Therapeutic Massage Blend. Our awesome blends are customized blended for your specific needs and wants. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, bulk buyer or an end-user, we have solutions for everything that you may look for. You can simply order your stuff online or write to us at and/or to know more and order your specifications. You will be provided with all documentary support as well, backed by our dedicated customer care.

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