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Certified Organic Star Anise Essential Oil

Certified Organic Star Anise Essential Oil

(Illicum Verum)
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Illicum Verum Northeast Vietnam and Southwest China Conventional Steam-distillation Seed Middle Vanilla and Coffee

Avail the purest and naturally made Certified Organic Star Anise Essential Oil with Aromaaz International. We practice under WHO and USFDA which makes our product to be used without any side effects.


The botanical name of medium-sized Anise is known as Illicum Verum. The trace of its origination is founded from Northeast Vietnam and Southwest China. It is widely extracted for shikimic acid which is benefitted for oseltamivir. Along with its medicinal formulations and other uses, it is used for culinary purposes as well.

Overview of Certified Organic Star Anise Essential Oil

Anise fruit is used in making its essential oil. The oil is highly in demand for its medicinal and culinary purposes. It has colorless odor and has very strong sweet aroma which makes it perfect for making perfumes. The oil is extracted under steam distillation process.

Benefits of Certified Organic Star Anise Essential Oil

• It is popularly used in kitchens to make chicken and mutton for adding flavor in it.
• Women with discomfort menstrual can use it for relieving pain and cramps.
• Adding few drops to daily drinks can help in comforting asthma effects.
• Drinking anise herbal tea helps in stimulating constipation and stomach ache.
• People use it directly on scalp to prevent their hair from lice and dandruff as it contains butoxide and isododecane.

Precautionary Measures!

Anise essential oil has no side effects on women with pregnancy and lactation condition. However, it can cause allergies to some people with sensitive skin. It might also work as estrogen which can increase the risk of Breast Cancer and Uterine Cancer.

Botanical Name
Illicum Verum
Color & Odor
Colorless to pale Yellow/Characteristic
F.E.M.A. #
Methods of Extraction
Chloline, Mucilage and Sugar along with trans-Anethole form the major constituents and composition of organic Star Anise essential oil. It has chemical compounds such as cis-& trans Anethole, Anis-Aldehyde, Aceto-Anisole, Camphene, Linalool, ?- & ?-Pinene and Safrole.
Insoluble in water
Specific Gravity
0.964 – 0.999
Refractive Index
Flash Point
120 ?C
Optical Rotation
-2 o~+2o
Major Constituents
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