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Certified Organic Neem Carrier Oil

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Certified Organic Neem Carrier Oil

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The Neem tree is a fast growing, long-life tree grown for its ornamental and therapeutic values and its unpleasant smelling wood is used as fuel. The Latin name of the Neem tree is derived from the Persian word azaddhirakt – meaning “Noble tree”. The tree is part of the mahogany family – Meliaceae and is native to India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Almost all parts of the tree are used for various applications. The Ayurvedic medicine considers the Neem as one of the most important de-toxicant, a very potent febrifuge. The Margosa oil (another name for Neem oil) and is a non-drying oil with insecticidal and antiseptic properties. The certified organic Neem carrier oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Azadirachta indica tree. It is generally light or dark Brown, depending on the time of harvest and cultivation conditions before harvesting. It is bitter and has a strong odor – described by some as a combination of the smell of peanut and garlic. Thepure Neem oil is solid at room temperature.

Product Technical Information

  Botanical Name Azadirachta indica
  CAS# 8002-65-1
  Color & Odor Light or dark Brown, is bitter in taste and has a strong odor - like that of a Garlic and peanut.
  F.E.M.A. # No
  Country of Origin India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  Methods of Extraction Cold pressed
  Constituents Azadirachtin, Meliantriol, Vepol, Salannin, Margosic Acid, Nimbin, Nimbidin, Nimbinin, Kaempeerol, Azadirone, Quercursertin, Praisine, β-Sitosterol, Stigmasterol, Campesterol, Vanilic Acid, Nimbicetin, Oleic Acid, Meliacins, Stearodiolein, Palmitodiolein, Oleopalmitostearin, Oleodipalmein, Myristic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid and Linoleic Acid.
  Solubility Soluble In Alcohol And Oils. Insoluble In Water.
  Specific Gravity 0.921 – 0.934
  Refractive Index 1.45 – 1.47
  Flash Point 178® C
  Optical Rotation No
  Major Constituents No

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