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I am willing to share my views-cum-analysis of Be rgamot essential oils on the basis of my readings on the internet, various magazines and tabloids and of course, my personal experience (as always) with the subject of discussion. In the following sentences, you will come across the description of Bergamot essential oil, I am being absolutely neutral, I can promise.

Bergamot is a Citrus plant native to the land of “Three Musketeers”, which is Italy! The Bergamot essential oil is obtained from the peel of the fresh and ripe Bergamot fruits by cold pressing of the rinds.


It is known for many benefits and uses, some being controlling and supporting blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the body, and great assistance to an individual’s weight loss efforts. , Perhaps, what draws the most attention to Bergamot EO is that, when compared to other varieties, it contains extremely large amounts of Poly-phenols. Poly-phenols are believed to prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the arteries, stop production of blood fats and stimulate the metabolism as well.


Bergamot EO is one of a few essential oils that stimulates the endocrine system to produce relaxed and calm feelings. This action combats emotional stress, a symptom commonly linked to overeating, or “comfort eating”, which is “emotional eating” when conveyed collectively. Usually, unhealthy foods are most consumed during these periods of “emotional eating”. The stress relieving action of Bergamot essential oil helps overcoming this emotional stress and hence promotes weight loss by eliminating the very source of “craving” within!


Bergamot EO also fuels hormone secretion that helps sustain optimum metabolism. This boosts digestive juices, bile and production of insulin – all of these promote nutrient absorption, decomposition of sugar (and thus lowering of blood sugars) and fats. Bergamot EO inhibits an enzyme (HMG-CoA) linked to the liver which produces cholesterol. This limit LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) production and reduces the bad LDL cholesterol in the blood and simultaneously promotes the HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) levels.


For the record’s sake, a research on more than 200 high cholesterol patients was conducted by a team of researchers at a university in Italy. After 30 calendar days of research, the researchers observed the subjects were re-examined which showed considerable reductions in their LDL and blood sugar levels. The HDL levels (good cholesterol) rose by over 40%!! If one does not accept this account for the goodness of Bergamot EO, what more than my own experience with it? My family doctor was very much worried for the high levels of cholesterols and sugar in my medical reports. I was afraid too, honestly.


My instincts and some words-of-mouths compelled me to look for the option of therapeutic treatment of EO and that’s how I discovered Bergamot EO’s goodness!! I contacted several Bergamot essential oil suppliers, which I found listed on Google and I was flooded with loads of e-mails in my inbox, each claiming to be the genuine and best in the essential oils best. Notwithstanding the pressure on mind, I did a quick homework on select Bergamot essential oil suppliers and found one such Bergamot Essential Oil supplier who is the one I rely on blindfolded. M/s AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL not only claims for the ‘excellence’, it executes the same in a very professional as well as ‘touching’ manner. They have an excellent deliver TAT and quality packaging, which assures absolutely no pilferage during the consignment transit.


The perceived high pricing gets compensated with the excellent quality product and an unmatched customer care with the after-sales being an icing on the cake! What was most compelling that one can see the actual soft-copies of the various accreditations they hold for their entire range of products.


After all, for an India-based essential oil company getting ‘approved’ stamp from regulatory giants like WHO and USFDA is no joke by any means! The company is also HACCP certified, besides being an ISO-9001:2008 company. Many claim such accreditations, few have the guts to display them. You may visit Aromaaz International and get to see their entire range of products with the ease of absolute secured payment gateway imbibed within. Try once and I am sure you will also add your name in the existing long list of ‘satisfied’ customers!


As of now, it’s time for me to get some therapeutic Bergamot Essential Oil pampering and hence I take your leave. Watch out this space for more.


Ciao per ora e prendersi cura di voi stessi! Dio VI benedica!


Bergamot Essential Oil – if you are weight conscious!

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