In the modern era, humans have adopted the ‘automated’ lifestyle to an extent of utmost dependability on automation. This has resulted in lesser manual and physical jobs being done and hence lesser exertion of the body or shall we say that the human bodies have no amount of exercise at all. Moreover, the luxurious eating and hectic work schedules have added more workloads on the human bodies. In the absence of any physical exercise or exertion, we are facing the most acute problem known to the humans and which is the source of all other major ailments of the human body – Obesity! Prolonged researches and studies on pure and Natural Essential Oils have been done and it is safely concluded that 100% pure and natural essential oils like Grapefruit (known to be favorite amongst most American Presidents) essential oil, can be a natural wonder to maintain weight loss regime, if followed religiously.

Such essential oils can have very positive impact on one’s weight loss endeavors, not only if followed religiously but also with due precaution parameters like healthy diet and simple lifestyle combos are implemented. Some essential oils are of great assistance with weight loss as they help melting the fat, besides reducing the minimal amount of toxins entering the body. Several such wonderful gifts of Mother Nature are best known to reduce fluid retention, increase metabolism, suppress food cravings and help greatly in overcoming the emotional stresses and hence reducing ‘stress eating’ to a much greater extent. As I am much of a victim of obesity due to my own follies, I have been learning a lot about how such pure and natural essential oils can assist me doing away with excess weight and even excess flab. Let us get to know more of six such well known and widely used essential oils that give the maximum benefits against Obesity. Today, you get to know of two such essential oils and rest in next and upcoming two write ups. I thank my lovely audience in advance for their patience!

  1. Bergamot Essential Oil aka “mood booster” that greatly assists and helps control bad cholesterol and stress eating!

This 100% pure and natural oil is extracted from Italian Citrus fruits and it is just right for those burly ‘stress eaters’, who eat when they are stressed. Sedative properties of 100% pure and natural Bergamot essential oil make it ‘just right’ for combating ‘stress related’ weight gain and for controlling ‘stress triggered eating’. Upon blending natural and pure Lavender essential oil with Bergamot essential oil, the overall effectiveness of the combo gives even better results.

Due to presence of large amounts of the poly-Phenols (also found in Green tea) which contribute towards preventing the absorption of (bad) cholesterol, halting the production of blood fat and boosting body metabolism, the Bergamot essential oil is very effective in weight control measures and during weight control regime. The essential oil of Bergamot inhibits an enzyme (HMG-CoA) that is linked to the blood sugar levels, being more active when sugar is high which promotes the decomposition of sugar and fats. HMG-CoA is also linked to the Cholesterol produced in the liver. It limits the production of Low Density Lipo-Proteins (LDLs) and hence reduces the retention and levels of ‘Bad Cholesterol’ in the body.

Put this to your best uses!

  • Dilute in a warm bath in the morning to start a refreshing day and deal with day-long stress.
  • Add some drops in the extra virgin Olive carrier oil or Coconut carrier oil and gently massage the feet or on the neck.
  • Put a few drops on a clean cloth and gently inhale the vapors to feel calmed and relaxed, especially when ‘craving’ is high and stress levels are high.
  • Mix a drop of pure Bergamot essential oil into one teaspoon of Honey or mix one drop in a 4 Oz. of Coconut milk and drink to give you a ‘quickie’ calming effect.
  1. Cinnamon Bark essential oil aka ‘preventer’ that greatly helps in feeling ‘filled’, improving metabolism and in shedding those ‘extra’ ounces/ pounds!!

One can safely opt for a pure and natural Cinnamon essential oil promotes a feeling of ‘fullness’ after meals. It is more of a weight gains ‘preventer’ and less of a weight loss ‘coach’. It greatly assists towards enhancing the effect(s) of all other weight loss essential oils. It helps in breaking down sugar that it gets absorbed into the body as ‘energy’ and eventually the body gets to store lesser Fatty Acids to store. It is also found to be very effective in controlling the functioning of Candida in the body, which influences weight gain/maintenance to a great extent.

The essential oil of Cinnamon helps increasing blood circulation, improving gut health, stimulating the immune and digestive systems, reducing irritable bowel syndrome and regulate overall body metabolism and hence considered helpful in weight loss.

Here is how to put 100% pure and natural essential oil of Cinnamon can be put to best use!!

  • Diffuse or inhale all natural and pure Cinnamon essential oil before every meal or simply add 1 to 2 drops of this oil to drinking water and consume some 30 to 45 minutes before meals to help boosting and toning appetite.
  • Mix a few drops of Cinnamon essential oil with honey in one cup of warm water before breakfast and at night before sleeping.

In the next of this series, I will bring to you two more such natural wonders which are of great help during the fat busting regime! No worries as I won’t make you wait longer. J

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GOD Bless!

Two Natural Wonders that help you control Obesity, Blood Pressure and high Blood Sugar!

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