Some clue of ’Queen Anne’s lace’!

Today, I am going to let you unravel a huge secret! Imagine a talented and potential young biologist, who patiently and steadily works on his research with a hope of his study being recognized by some ‘Big Shot’ in the same field however goes unnoticed time and again.

Similar to this situation, there is a ‘resourceful’ and ‘beneficial’ organic essential oil that is uncomplainingly vying for your attention and waiting to become a part of your routine or maybe your very own ‘essential oils’ (EOs) collection. You will be amazed to know how much it has to put forward (in fact, quite a bit more than some of the EOs already in your stash) and yet, it is ignored again and again.

The organic Carrot seed essential oil is the ‘child of the lesser God’ that really should be ‘there’ in everyone’s home. The organic Carrot seed oil is chiefly obtained from the seeds of wild carrots which are botanically rechristened as Daucus carota, usually found in Europe and even Canada.

It is an annual or biennial herb with hairy leaves and clusters of White lacy flowers (reason why it is also known as Queen Anne’s lace) with Purple interiors. The dried seeds of Daucus carota are steam distilled to obtain a deep, sweet and earthy smelling thin runny fluid which is characteristic Carrot color in appearance. Please do not confuse it with the infused variety of Carrot oil, which uses the taproot (Orange, edible portion) of cultivated Carrots, macerated in carrier oil such as Olive oil.

Who’s the ‘Biggie’?

In terms of production France and Hungary are the world’s largest producers of the organic Carrot seed EO. India is one of the next largest producers of the Carrot seeds essential oil. Its main chemical components are Carotol, Sabinene and α-Pinene.

Let’s get to know the ‘Blend Friends’ as well…..

The essential oils of Cedar wood, Cinnamon, Geranium, most citrus oils, spice oils and vegetable oils are known to blend easily with the essential oil of Carrot seeds.

The ‘Basket’ of natural attributes

The organic essential oil of Carrot seeds is loaded with natural and beneficial attributes such as it is Anti-helminthes, anti-septic, carminative, depurative, diuretic, emmenagogue, hepatic, stimulant and tonic. These attributes are the sources of most awesome benefits and uses which are unknown to most and considered as ‘secret’ by many.

The ‘Secrets File’!

♦ Carrot seed EO has a ‘secret’ list of health benefits. Let us reveal those ‘secrets’ one by one!
♦The organic essential oil of Carrot seeds optimizes and ensures the elimination of toxins  from both digestive system and kidneys.
♦Therapeutically, Carrot seeds essential oil can be diffused, used in direct inhalation and  applied topically.
♦Carrot seed oil is extensively deployed in numerous ‘skin care’ formulations. It is known  to remove wrinkles and make the skin look younger and invigorated. Famed and  invaluable beauty oil, it is well known to tone up the skin and provide more elasticity to  the skin.
♦It strengthens the mucous membranes and hence supports, regulates and maintains the  respiratory system.
♦Its carminative attributes makes it a very good and effective sedative, however expecting  mothers are advised to stay away from it!
♦As a stimulant it works very well for our digestive system and circulatory system  functioning.
♦It works as an anti-septic for rashes, cuts and wounds in various medicines.
♦It is also known to mix well with spice and vegetable oils to impart fabulous flavor to    various cuisines and beverages.

The organic Carrot seeds essential oil from M/s AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL  is an exquisite natural oil waiting to become a part of your inimitable and envious collection of essential oils. Available at unbelievably low pricing and in the purest and natural form with all the organic ingredients intact and with unmatched ‘Quality’ – it is a not-to-be-missed precious commodity for an essential oils lover like you!

The Hidden Secrets Of Carrot Seed Essential Oil!

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