I have often seen people getting confused for Lime Essential Oil as Emerald or a valuable marble when it is referred to as a fruit. So I essentially add the terms ‘juice’ or ‘oil’ or, whenever I intend to talk about Lime as a fruit. Today, you will become more familiar with the wholesome fruit of Lime and its pure, natural and organic essential oil.

The ‘Life saver’ Lime!

It was the Moors who brought Limes to Europe by and from there they made way to the Americas and other countries. Interestingly, ships transporting Limes were called ‘Lime Juicers’ and ship crewmen depended on Lime juices to prevent Scurvy as for its high vitamin C content. The memoirs of the voyages of Vasco de Gama mention the extensive use of Lime juice besides Barley water to prevent his sailors dying of Scurvy. Like all natural essential oils we find varieties of this lovely organic essential oil as well.

 Key Lime or Citrus aurantifolia swingle (Mexican) and Citrus aurantifolia (Sri Lankan) is an evergreen, spiky bush or a small tree growing up to some Six meters. The plant has single or multiple stems and irregular branches, covered with smooth Brown-Gray bark. If theories are to be believed, originally native to Asia (Sri Lanka and India), Limes are now organically grown in mostly warm countries like Americas, Caribbean, Italy and Portugal. The essential oil of Lime can be obtained by both cold pressed and steam-distillation methods; however the later method is more preferred as the resulting essential oil is low in Bergapten content, making it less photo-toxic. The thin consistency liquid is either of light Yellow to Yellow-Green in appearance and carries its trademark bouquet of fresh and citrusy, sweet yet spicy and intense aroma reminiscent of freshly peeled Lime fruits.

The Awesome benefits!

As mentioned above, the essential oil of Lime fruit carries a lot of medicinal properties with it. It is a remarkable astringent for both dry and greasy skins and cures Acne effectively. It is an important adding ingredient of cellulite blends for creams, gels and body wraps.  It’s a fabulous stomachic attributes help relieving gastric disorders of indigestion and stomach cramps. It cuts through the chest exudations and stimulates the liver to cleanse it of all bacterial and microbial infections.

This refreshing and uplifting essential oil drives away the emotional sluggishness, the feelings of apathy and mental fatigue out of your life! It supports and boosts the body immunity in combating viral infections like Flu, coughs and colds. A preferred choice of perfumers, the essential oil of Lime is also widely used as an ingredient in hair care, cosmetics, skin care products and toiletries.

The Blender’s delight!

For various purposes it can form excellent blends especially with Lavender, Mandarin, Neroli and Rosemary essential oils, besides all Citrus family essential oils.

Where to find your Lime Essential Oil?

As mentioned above the Lime fruit shrubs are cultivated in warm countries of Asia, Americas and Europe, the organic essential oil of Lime is organically produced (from cultivation till packaging) in many other countries like Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Peru, Mexico, Chile etc. You will find suppliers all across the globe from China, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Honduras, Tonga, USA, Fiji, Spain, wholesalers from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and exporters from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Columbia, Great Britain, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Madagascar – all massively lined up and selling their pure and natural essential oils through their e-Commerce enabled ‘virtual’ (on-line) stores. All have different pricing to offer for their range of products.

I am often not neutral, when I have to mention where I buy my natural essential oils from. That’s because I am one of the most pampered clients of M/s AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL – an India-based company which is into manufacturing, supplying, wholesaling and exports business of organic, pure and natural essential oils and allied products. The pricing is competitive, superb after-sales, fantastic delivery TAT and an awesome Client-Relationship management! Unbelievable is what I heard? Try them once and find out on your own!

Say ‘Good Bye’ to Liver and Chest infections forever, with AROMAAZ INERNATIONAL’s Lime Essential Oil – Organic, Pure and Natural

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