A soothing mixture of Pure Essential oils is frequently more viable for advancing symptomatic alleviation and recuperating than any single essential oil. Some of the best essential oils that are used in cooperative energy to provide calmness to your nerves and give symptomatic alleviation for uneasiness, stress are Vetiver, Frankincense, Ylang, Bergamot, and Spikenard.

Vetiver Essential Oil:

  • An uncommon and secretive aroma and fragrance of Vetiver is rich, natural and sweet. Its fragrance has the     capacity to console and establish impact that provides relief form stress, nervousness or anxiety.
  • The extracted oils are used as powerful circulatory stimulant as well as strong immune tonic.
  • Vetiver Essential oils is widely in demand for stimulating the production of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) and thus, provides relief from stress and tension, thereby providing relaxation to the body.

Natural Essential Oil


Frankincense Essential Oils:

  • The oils are mostly known for spiritual and emotional support. In addition, it is valuable for discharging negative mental and enthusiastic states, for example, low self regard, and absence of certainty, frailty and uneasiness. A capable and luring wood smell Frankincense sweetly shimmers with freshness and an insight of passion.Frankincense keeps up its reliability in any mixture.
  • This oil is considered as “Holy Oils” that is mostly used to slows and get deeper cellular respiration. Additionally, it also has a characteristic effect of comforting.
  • The sweet woody aroma of this Oil is used to regulate and pacify the symptoms of Vata imbalances such as insomnia, worry, anxiety, and restlessness.

Bergamot Essential Oils:

  •  This oil has sweet and refreshing aroma that uplifts and balances emotions as well as mind.
    It is also in demand at the time of perfume blending process.
  •  The extracted oil acts as relaxant as well as tonic for various spirits, emotions, mind and body.
  •  Bergamot Essential Oil is used for balancing the activity of hypothalamus gland.
  •  The oil has anti-microbial activity and also influences live and pancreases.
  •  Being an effective skin tonner and natural detoxifier, it is widely used as anti-aging lotion and also reduces acne.
  • The extracted oil is used for treating urinary tract infection.

Bergamot Essential Oils

Spikenard Essential Oils:

  • The essential oil extracted obtained from roots is used in Aromatherapy and used to ease stress and anxiety. Its relaxing property makes it useful for balancing emotion & mind.
  •  It is used in lymph and blood circulation. In addition, the oil is also used in treating fever and hemorrhoids.
  •  It is odorless and used as deodorant thus, providing soothing effect on nervous system.
  •  This oil is used in the formulation of medicines that are used for epilepsy and Cholera.
  • The oil is used to provide sedative effect for skin allergy and anxiety.

Spikenard Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oils:

  • The essential oil thus, obtained from flowers is used for Aromatherapy. The oils help in circulatory system and gets observed on skin.
  • When this oil is added to other essential oils, the oil is used in vaporizer for inhalation.
  • Due to its anti-depressant, and antiseptic property, the oil is widely in demand.
  • The extracted oil is used to reduce the high blood pressure and different infections associated with intestine

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Pure Essential Oils: A Natural Way to Get Relief from Stress and Anxiety

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