Natural essential oils are an extracted oils retrieved from naturally grown wild flowers, plants, trees, leaves, roots, fruits, etc. Natural essential oils are widely known for its medicinal applications. These oils are used for treating diseases, skin infections and other growth related issues. Since time immemorial these oils are used by various cultures and hence, it has no definite place of origin. The demands for these oils are rising day by day.

These oils are to be used in diluted form or with other Natural Carrier Oils to get the desired effects. These oils are obtained using different methods of extraction. Most of the plant essential oils are retrieved using distillation method (water distillation method and steam distillation method). Expression is a method used to extract oils from citrus like lemon, bergamot, lime, etc. Flowers are too fragile to use either distillation or expression method therefore, solvent extraction is the method used in obtaining floral oils.

Essential Oil Suppliers in IndiaAromaaz International is a leading and prominent Natural Essential Oil Suppliers in India and worldwide. It also acts as wholesaler, bulk seller, manufacturer and exporter of essential oils, Spice Oils, floral oils, etc. These oils may have the necessary ingredients and property to cure and heal diseases but it is always advisable to take precautions while utilising them. Below are some of the guidelines you must follow before serving essential oils to yourself:

• Read the instructions properly before using essential oils and follow them diligently.

• These oils can be harmful for children and pets and hence, must be kept out of the reach of children and animals.

• Do not apply these oils directly without blending or diluting with another carrier oils. These oils are powerful and should be used in diluted forms or with some other natural carrier oils.

• These oils can cause irritation to eyes and hence, do not get these oils into direct contact with eyes.

Pure and Natural Essential Oils in India• These oils are for external use, so, do not use for internal purpose.

• Store these oils in appropriate temperature.

• Do not use these oils on pregnant woman.

• Do not use the same type of essential for long period.

• Do proper research of the particular type of oil you are going to use. Don’t use those essential oils you know nothing about.

Keeping in mind the above precautions can help you derive the desirable effects from using natural essential oils. Log on to and discover more benefits of these natural remedial oils.

Must Follow Guidelines While Using Natural Essential Oils

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