Essential oils are followed after by different communities for their umpteen uses. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquid derived from naturally owned plants and their various usable parts such as leave, root, seed, bark, fruit, flower and stem. This group of oils are known as the natural healer or natural calmer. They are used largely in aromatherapy and naturopathy. Since, these oils are extracted from the essence of natural plants they are designated with the name Essential Oils.

Pure Essential Oils

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Essential oils are obtained using 3 types of extraction process (distillation, expression and solvent extraction). The healing powers and medicinal benefits of these oils are attributed to certain properties contained in the plants. Despite, having countless benefits, these oils should be used following certain do’s and don’ts for one’s safety:

Floral Essential Oil Suppliers
Do’s while using essential oils:

•    Read the instructions carefully – Prior to using these oils one must read the instructions mentioned in the bottle.

•    Dilute the oils – Prior to using these oils one must dilute or blend with other carrier oils. In other words, these oils should not be used in undiluted form.

•    Storage of the oils – Essential oils should be stored in proper ventilated room. It should be kept in a cool and dark place.

•    Consult experts for health concerns – If you are using the oils for certain specific health issue then you must take the help of experts. You should not used blindly.

•    Pre-use testing – You should test the oil on client before finalising the use because certain oils can react and create irritations or allergy and hence, pre-use test can help them to use the oil for the best result.

Carrier Oil Manufacturers
Don’ts while using essential oils:

•    Do not bring or apply on sensitive area – You should keep away from applying from sensitive body parts like eyes because these oils are highly concentrated and can react negatively.

•    Don’t use essential oils during pregnancy – These oils should not be used on pregnant woman or infant because they are too concentrated and can be harmful to them.

•    Exposure to sun – Do not use these oils without proper exposure to sun. At the same time these oils should not be exposed to rain.

•    Internal use – These oils should not be used internally. Ingestion might be harmful.

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Must Follow Do’s and Don’ts for Safety Use of Essential Oils

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