An insight into oil of Lavender!

Lavendula augustifolia or Lavender as known commonly is a plant that grows in sunny, well-drained-soil climates such as Southern France or Bulgaria. The bushy shrubs of Lavender produce clusters of small Blue-Purple and highly fragrant flowers. The certified organic Lavender essential oil, similar to other those which are produced from their flowers, is an end product of steam distillation method. During the distillation process, the steam is spray-forced into the Lavender flowers, which causes the release of essential oils from the Lavender.

The steam carrying these oils is then cooled and condensed to extract the essential oil of Lavender. Lavender flowers are very sensitive to heat exposure and there is a risk of important compounds getting destroyed if the steam temperature is too high. Hence temperature control is extremely important during the steam distillation process. It takes approximately One Hundred and Fifty pounds of Lavender flowers to produce one single pound of essential oil – a reason good enough for you to shell out more money from your pocket!

Certified organic Lavender essential oil is a thin consistency, pale yellow essential oil. Lavender oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to treat a number of conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, and skin conditions, in addition to being used as a form of pain control. It is used as an ingredient in skin care products, body care products, and perfumes, as many people enjoy the fragrance of Lavender. While both organic and non-organic Lavender essential oil is available, the Lavender used to prepare organic Lavender oil is grown as per the laid down organic standards.

A ‘friend’ in need…… a friend indeed!

Lavender oil is long known for its aromatherapy and medicinal uses, which date back hundreds of centuries. The certified organic Lavender essential oil is commonly used in aromatherapy and is perhaps universally appreciated and widely used for its anti-septic, anti-biotic, anti-depressant, soothing, calming and detoxifying attributes. Most people claim that if only they purchase one kind of oil for both home and health, it should be Lavender! Many people choose to inhale Lavender oil when in stress, worries and anxiety. It makes a calming effect on people, assists people with deep and peaceful asleep. It helps soothe people suffering from Dementia and thus become agitated. Lavender essential oil is widely used to treat skin conditions such as rashes, cellulite, and alopecia areata (a condition that causes forming of bald patches on the scalp).

Aromatherapy and Lavender essential oil – What’s the connection?

While I was browsing the internet to appease my appetite to know more about Lavender oil’s connection with aromatherapy, I also wondered that that the father of Aromatherapy was. The therapeutic effects of Lavender essential oil are first evidenced to be studied in the 1920s by French scientist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. Once, Gattefosse was badly burned in a freak accident while experimenting with some fragrances in his laboratory. He sought the nearest cold liquid and plunged his burnt arm into a vat of Lavender oil. Gattefosse later observed that the burn did not blister and healed very quickly and more amazingly left no permanent scar. He spent the rest of his career and life researching the benefits of essential oils and is known for coining the term “aromatherapy.”

The “Blend” corner!

Here are my tips (I am sure most of you are already aware of these) how you can put your certified organic Lavender essential oil to the best use for your home and health!

 Lavender essential oil can be applied undiluted – one or two drops rubbed onto the temples and forehead will scare away that headache hovering in your head. It may also be applied ‘neat’ on burns as well. Two/three drops will speed healing and prevent scarring as a bonus!

 To prevent your home from moths, mosquitoes and aphids, add some15 – 20 drops of certified organic Lavender essential oil with water filled into a 4-oz. spray bottle. Shake it well. To get rid of aphids, spray directly on the leaves of the affected plant(s).  For mosquitoes, spray directly on your skin. Put several drops on neat onto clean cotton balls and place them in closets and drawers to repel those ugly and pestering moths.

 To freshen up your rooms you only need to be adding 10 drops of Lemon essential oil and five drops of Peppermint essential oil to the water and Lavender essential oil. The resulting mix will make a refreshing and cleansing room spray, sprouting a happy feeling for everyone in the room – like never before!

All yours – Organically!

The standards for what products can be labeled or certified organic vary from country to country, although the ultimate aim of organic farming is generally understood to be the development of a sustainable system of agriculture that respects and preserves the environment and local eco-systems. Contrary to what some believe, certified organic Lavender essential oil or any product labeled as ‘Certified Organic’, may be produced from plants that were treated with chemicals or pesticides during their growth, provided that these chemical sprays or pesticides treatments obey the organic standards and guidelines principles. When purchasing a product labeled organic, it is a good idea to ask the manufacturer about the organic standards under which the product was produced in order to fully understand the extent to which it may have been exposed to chemicals that a person wishes to avoid.

The world is not enough….. To find your own on-line store!

The wonderful organically produced Lavender essential oil is produced, manufactured all across the globe in nearly all continents – America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Pan Asia-Oceania. The distillers, manufacturers and wholesalers can be found in countries like USA, Britain, Ghana, Bulgaria, Columbia, India, Russia, France, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China to name a few. Activate your grey cells; find out how you can use this essential oil at your home, in your garden and as natural cosmetics. Learn to differentiate between pure and organic essential oils and synthetic fragrance oils. Find online sources for purchasing organic Lavender oils for home use.

I suggest you to visit the on-line store of Aromaaz International and see their exquisite and wide range of certified organic and pure natural essential oils and many other allied products. The pricing is well justified, given their unmatched quality and excellent service delivery – experiences one should not miss while purchasing essential oils on-line!

Let go your stress and anxiety with certified organic Lavender essential oil!

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