Organic  Natural Essential Oils

Selection of natural essential oils depends upon the purpose. Do you want to naturally uplift your mood or looking for an anti-inflammatory agent? Essential oils treat various physical and mental health conditions. It is being in use since ancient times and extracted from organic vegetative matters.

Before using natural essential oils for healing, pay attention to the chemical properties and therapeutic benefits of essential oil. Buy 100% safe and pure essential oil in India from reputed oil suppliers. Always dilute essential oils with carrier or base oils before using them.

How do I determine usage of essentials?

Pure Organic Essential Oils

The application of essential oil depends upon the desired effects. For healing wound essential oils are topically applied on skin surface. For elevating mood and combating anxiety essential oils are inhaled using diffusers or burning aromatic candles.

Usually there are three ways to using naturally essential oils

– Applied to the skin,
– Inhaled and
– Ingested

Essential oils are applied topically using hot/cold compresses, baths, sprays or massaging them into the skin. If you are not sure about the application method of essential oils, then consult a professional aroma-therapist.

How essential oils are inhaled?

Pure Essential Oils

Organic Natural essential oils can be inhaled using a variety of methods and devices:

1. Diffuser

Natural Essential oils are placed in diffuser and burned using this device. Sometimes it is mixed with water or base oils depending upon its benefits. Aromatic essential oils should not be directly burned as the molecular structure gets dramatically changed with incineration.

2. Dry Evaporation

Few drops of essential oil are placed on a cotton ball or tissue. This is allowed to get evaporated into the air. If you want a strong dose of essential oil, sniff the cotton ball. For a milder effect, constant exposure is required. Place the cotton ball in immediate vicinity.

3. Steam Inhalation

Around 2-3 drops of essential oil are poured to a bowl of steaming water. This quickly vaporizes the essential oil. Place a towel to cover your head and over the bowl of steam water with essential oil and breathe deeply. This is one of the direct and potent methods to inhale essential oils. It is important to keep the eyes closed during steam inhalation method. It may cause redness in eye, discomfort and itchiness. You may also use swim goggle to protect your eyes. This method is not recommended for children below 7 years of age.

4. Spray

Few drops of natural essential oils are poured in bottle having a water-based solution. It is shaken, and sprayed into the air with the help of a nozzle. It would deodorize the indoors and set mood. Lavender essential oil is sprayed to evoke romantic emotions. Peppermint oil stimulates alertness. Shake the bottle before spraying to spray the oil-water solution and not just water.

For more information about natural essential oils, log on to Aromaaz International.

How to Use Natural Essential Oils for Desired Effects?

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