The other day I was chatting to a friend in U.S.A. who runs a small chemicals business there. A wonderful and gem of a person she is, she has a few regrets in life.  Revisiting some nostalgic moments of her life, she told that how her personal life got ruined since her friends ditched her. Sitting at a distance, I had a tough time comforting and consoling her. I wondered how I could make her feel better. Her condition reminded me to suggest her using the organic Honeysuckle essential oil as for its uplifting effects and helps an individual in forgetting past regrets and move forward in life.  Let’s get to know more of this beautiful oil which can bring about the change is our lives.

The 100% pure and organic Honeysuckle Essential Oil comes fully uncut, alcohol free, and long lasting. Botanically rechristened as Lonicera Caprifolium, the plant belongs to Caprifoliaceae family and known to be native to India. The fresh and young Honeysuckle blossoms plucked from the organically harvested and grown Lonicera Caprifolium trees are steam distilled to obtain the purest form of Honeysuckle essential oil.  The oil hence obtained is light in consistency and anything from Orange-Yellow to dark Orange-Yellow liquid to look at. It whiffs a strong, typically floral and sweet aroma which is very pleasant.

Essential oil of Honeysuckle has been best known to be used across the civilizations around the world since ages for treating numerous respiratory system conditions. In the A.D. era, Honeysuckle oil is documented to be first used in mid-Seventh century as a Chinese medicine for releasing poisons and venoms from the body caused due to insect or snake bites and releasing heat from the body as well. In Europe, Honeysuckle essential oil was used during childbirth for comforting the nursing mother besides clearing heat and toxins from her body. These days, Honeysuckle essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy given its uplifting and free-spirited aromatic benefits. Honeysuckle oil aids an individual in getting past regrets and moving forward freely in life. A prescribed and regular use of 100% Pure Honeysuckle Essential Oil makes a magnetic effect to pull more happiness, apparent luck for you along with enhanced intuitions of prosperity, joy and wealth!

Major constituents of the organic Honeysuckle essential oil are Linalool, Geraniol, Aromadendrene and Eugenol. It tends to blend well with Bergamot, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Mandarin, Orange, Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang oils and Champa  and Amber Attars.

Honeysuckle Essential Oil is primarily used for ‘Health-Healing’ purposes as for its fabulous fragrance and aroma effects. It is one of the priciest oil valued for its therapeutic effects. It is also used for intensifying emotions of love, creativity, psychic awareness, protection, divination, anointing, clairvoyance and inducing erotic dreams in sleep!

The following mentioned uses are worth reading for your own benefits. Of course, this information comes from one of the most reliable sources available on the internet!

* Emotions: Pure Honeysuckle essential oil helps to come through mental regrets, look up and move forward freely in life. Its captivating scent instills feeling of love, beauty and expels the negative feelings of fear, sadness and especially grief caused due to divorce, death, and loneliness. The oil allows an individual to indulge in self-renewal, inspires hope, progress, freedom and unity by overcoming ‘harshness’.

** Physical: The organic Honeysuckle oil has been used for thousands of years to treat diarrhea, ease labor pains during childbirth, stimulates the flow of positive energy all through the body, besides treating severe respiratory conditions. Aromadendrene, a terpenoid and a major constituent of honeysuckle essential oil, contributes to the oil’s anti-microbial properties. It inhibits growth of micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Another such constituent Eugenol, a Phenyl-Propene, known for its restorative and palliative effects relieves pain and prevents further suffering.

*** Spiritual: Honeysuckle essential oil is famed for its ability to enhance one’s intuitive powers with respect to abundance and prosperity as in terms of ‘Chakras’ science, it aligns 3rd chakra (Will) and 4th chakra (Heart) thereby making both Will power and Heart strong in a person. This oil is also well known to illuminate mental patterns and invites spiritual growth and enlightenment.

This oil is also very well known for bringing erotic dreams while one is asleep – simply by placing it on or under the pillow right before bed.

My good friend in U.S.A. has since reverted to be feeling good and invigorated through its use for nearly two weeks now. My best wishes to her and all those who are using this wonderful oil for their own benefits.

GOD Bless!

Forget the regrets of life and move ahead: Use organic Honeysuckle essential oil!

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