newly-felled-rosewood-treeRosewood tree is said to have originated in the rain forests of South America. Although not evidenced, but the history of Brazilian culture depicts that for treating different skin conditions they practiced blending of Rosewood EO with several other oils. Also that they used this essential oil as a marvelous ‘nerve tonic’. No wonder, the Brazilians have a ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude towards life, easy going temperament and of course smooth skins! Rosewood trees are being extensively grown these days as for the benefits derived from its wood and oil. The Rosewood oil saw its demand growing with the dawn of 20th century.

The method of steam distillation is deployed to extract the Rosewood essential oil from the wood of the Rosewood trees. The Rosewood essential oil whiffs a fresh, exotic, floral and woody. The significant Rosewood essential oil contains some powerful chemical components that treat a number of physical and mental ailments. The 1,8-Cineole , Limonene, Linalool and Myrcene are the important constituents of this essential oil. It is known to blend well with It blends really well with Bergamot, Lavender, Bergamot, Lime and Orange oils.

The Rosewood essential oil is the most sough-after EO and is very popular amongst the aroma therapists given its serene, soothing and balancing effects on both the body and the mind.  It is ‘perfect’ remedy for fatigued and paining muscles and to get relief from menstrual pains as well. On account of its immense anti-bacterial properties, it assists the treatment of different skin diseases and infections, besides helping to maintain elasticity and balance of the skin.

It is a great nerve tonic which boosts up the nervous system and thereby is used to treat impotence besides straying away tension and nervousness. If the ailments nausea and headaches are your regular foes, try putting a drop on the pillow before you sleep and see yourself cozy and comfortable after a nice sleep, the next morning.

Rosewood oil also helps to remove the stretch marks. If you are having, then you should use The creams or lotions containing Rosewood essential oil in it can be used to remove stretch marks on hips, stomach and thighs as it helps to tighten the skin, thereby avoiding stretch marks.

Rosewood oil invigorates several hormones to regulate the internal systems like digestive system, circulatory system, metabolic system and helps draining the harmful chemicals from the (1)

It is famed for preventing wrinkles, blemishes and well admired for soothing the sensitive skin. If someone seeks best outputs, one should rub this oil upwards in circular motions. For those too-much-stressed people, a decent blending with pure Lavender essential oil will do the magic. Most medical practitioners recommend it highly.

Please take due care that the beautiful essential oil of Rosewood is never meant for ingestion as for its poisonous nature. Even for external applications, it should be diluted with carrier oil(s) in order to make it safe for usage.

Now that you are familiar with these many advantages of this oil, I am sure you will certainly be tempted to try using it. I recommend a renowned manufacturer and supplier company in the name of M/s AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL. They are exporting this oil and many such allied products in their gigantic and exotic range, to all parts of the globe. You may visit their website to know more.

If you feel that this reading has somewhat activated your grey cells, do find some time for a little feedback and comments. There’s more in waiting for you. Watch for this space.

Expose your senses to a ‘sniff treat’ – only with a Rosewood Essential Oil!

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