Since ancient times, as we all know Natural Essential oils have been used for various and multiple medicinal and health purposes by various cultures and across various geographies.  Such uses could be or can be aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal hygiene and beauty and/or natural medicine. I am going to present before you a brief on ten such uses and benefits that come worthy in our day-to-day lives.

Essential oils inhibit beneficial properties in them, such as – anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, expectorant, stimulant etc..  These oils are fast gaining popularity as they act as natural medicine meant for healing and that have side effects.  Let us harness the peak power of the therapeutic compounds known to humans.

Essential oils’ Uses that Clean Homes and Environment

1.)Just 3 drops of 100% pure and natural Lemon and Tea Tree oils with warm water    gives you a natural disinfectant spray.

2.)Add 2 drops each of 100% pure and natural Tea Tree, Lemon essential oils and baking soda to disinfect sports jerseys, cleats and other sports gear. A natural disinfectant for the entire sportswear and gear!

3.)Diffusing all natural Cinnamon essential oil in the air makes it clean and more breathable given its anti-microbial properties.

4.)Just 1 teaspoon of pure Coconut oil with one drop each of 100% natural Citronella, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass oils gives an all-natural bug repellent spray.

5.)Eliminate shower curtain scum – In a 16 Oz. spray bottle, mix 4 drops each of pure Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils with warm water gives you a natural mold killing spray.

6.)Diffuse all natural and pure Clove, Orange and oils to leave your HOME smelling divine!

7.)Borax powder with some 20 drops of 100% pure Tea Tree oil will make your home carpet such clean that even Aladdin might come and ask you – “How?”!

8.)A neat spray made of a pure and 100% natural Orange and Clove oils will combat and kill various pests on contact.

9.)Diffusing all natural and pure Tea Tree oil is well known and adopted idea to kill airborne pathogens and mold.

10.)Add a drop of either of 100% natural and pure Cedar wood or Pine oil on a fire log about 30 minutes before burning. The smell of the burning log would be loved by everyone in the room!


These measures are one of the most vital uses that most of us do not know about essential oils. One must make sure that all such essential s are produced and created equally meaning all products should be 100% pure and natural, without any adulteration, chemicals, pesticides or synthetic contents mixed with/in them. Else they are worthless to your health. When buying essential oils make sure to ask as many questions about their purity! If you are looking for a trustworthy brand and that I trust blindly, recommend and personally use, write to or to learn more and order.

I will come back with another set of such beautiful oils with the next in series. I invite your feedback and comments too.

GOD Bless‼

Essential oils: Their Various Uses & Benefits! Part – 1

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