This write-up is a means of conveying my best regards to all those parents who have adopted the use of natural, organic and pure essential oils in their daily lives, so as to give their kids the most hygienic environment and places in the home to live and grow up with.

 My memory plays a flash back to the time when my daughter was born. I witnessed her brand new and tender skin bathing up everything that touched her – so many times. Like all caring mothers, my wife diligently cleaned the bath tub with best available cleaning and sterilizing products. Little did we both realize, many cleaning products contained chemicals such as Chloroform, Formaldehyde and Benzene – scientifically proven to be linked to respiratory disorders like Asthma, reproductive disorders and even carcinogenic. The worst part -the probability of completely rinsing those toxins away is dismally low.

 We enjoyed watching her giggling and playing in a warm bath, least aware that she had become a sponge – essentially absorbing any of the remaining toxins.The next time when my wife cleaned her, she inhaled that clean smell, thinking it smelled really clean. Right? No we were wrong and were left aghast! Eventually, we learnt that our feet absorb the cleaning chemicals that the shower rinses down the drain and we inhale those fumes!

I remembered standing in the cleaning product aisle already smelling of the chemicals and ending up paying the outrageous price for bringing home these toxic aliens to my home.  Apart from harming our bodies, the environmental impacts of these toxins are vast.

I started to become more and more upset – wondering how these toxins were allowed into our grocery stores. Not just cleaning products, but beauty products with coal tar, somatic cells in dairy, toxins in sunscreens, formaldehyde in new carpet and furniture – the list is very long. When I read about what many of these toxins do in our body, it became unacceptable to me.

 Why has no one told us about this? Simple – the cleaning companies would become broke! I do not know to how many of you this occurred. So what is the best substitute for driving these crazy toxins out of our lives?  The natural and pure essential oils are the best bet and the safest. As such in case of pure essential oil companies that claim for those numerous benefits, I have studied their product descriptions online.

The reason I chose pure and naturalessential oils is the fact that these oils are highly concentrated. There are innumerable essential oil companies selling certified, pure, natural and therapeutic grade essential oils through their on-line stores out and hordes of such manufactures, suppliers, retailers, wholesalers and exporters of essential oils and allied products from countries like USA, UK, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Ghana, Costa Rica, China, Japan and many other countries across the globe and hence you need to do your homework properly so that you don’t end up buying just any home fragrance oil. The essential oil pricing would definitely have an interesting role to play here!

Over the period of time, my wife gained some expertise in preparing some great cleaning blends with get you started using them today. The best part is that you can let your kids enjoy these blends’ cleaning without having to worry about soaking toxic chemicals. Of course you do not need to thank her. After all she is a MOTHER who understands what it takes to keep her kids safe from toxins and those creepy germs!

 The super-duper Tub Cleaner!

Ingredients: One cup baking soda, 25 drops each of pure and natural Lemon, Grapefruit, Tea Tree essential oils and water, as needed.

Directions: Mix the baking soda and oils in a glass jar; when you are ready to clean, sprinkle the mixture evenly over the tub, add enough water to make a paste and scrub thoroughly. Get prepared to be amazed!

That Citrus whiffing Window Cleaner!!

This is an all-purpose blend – best suited for appliances and counters.

Ingredients: ¼ cup Vinegar, two tablespoons water and thirty drops of Orange and/or Lemon essential oil.

Directions: Mix the above mentioned ingredients in a spray bottle. If you think you need more oils – better. Spray the mixture well on your windows, counters in the kitchen, appliances etc. and see them gleaming to glory!

What more? Breathe deeply and increase your concentration as well. Essential oils are great source to combat viral, fungal and bacterial infections, cure skin, respiratory, digestive, circulatory disorders and much more!

Pure essential oils are manufactured and supplied all across the globe today. Be it USA or Vietnam, Germany or Malaysia, New Zealand, Great Britain or Zambia – there are plenty of service providers, wholesalers, retailers lined up to meet your desires and demands. If I pick India as one such search destination, the Google will find for you countless such Indian companies selling essential oils online. As I have mentioned above the essential oils prices playing an important role in your purchase decisions, you will find these companies offering varying widely at times.

 Of course you have to look for their vintage and experience, their accreditations, verifiable testimonials on their websites and ask as much questions possible. I have been using the essential oils, absolutes and attars of one such Indian company – M/s AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL for past few years now and I enjoy the privileges of loyalty in terms of preferred pricing (only for me), a super-efficient customer care and absolutely ‘no-complaint’ products delivered at my door-step in just 3 to 4 business days! I suggest you to choose yours wisely and enjoy the gifs of Mother Nature in the form of purest form of natural essential oils. Ciao until we meet again!

Cleanse those toxins from your life – Bring Natural and Pure Essential Oils into your life !

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