Since time immemorial mankind has utilised natural essential oils for uncountable purposes. Essential oils are today’s most sought after oils because of their health and healing applications. The demands for these oils are ever rising day by day. These oils are broadly used in aromatherapy and as naturopathy. Natural essential oils are concentrated liquid distilled or derived from naturally owned plants and their parts like bark, leave, root, seed, fruit, flower, etc.

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Organic Spice Essential OilsNatural essential oils are used for treating and healing many diseases. These oils are useful for curing infections, inflammations and other emotional related problems. Below are the 6 outstanding ways of using essential oils for healthiness and healing:

1. Inhalation of essential oils: This is the use of hot water or steam for inhaling. You can add 10 drops of essential oil in hot compresses and use them. Inhaling essential oils is found to be useful for respiration. It also relieves headache and sinus. Lengthy inhalation of these oils can cause dizziness, feeling of nausea, lethargy and etc.

2. Using essential in Baths: You can use essential oils in the bath by adding milk or salt or other emulsifier to stabilise and create dispersion. Using essential oils in the bath is beneficial for calming muscle and menstrual pains, promote respiration, beneficial for skin problems, sleeplessness and even stress. Mild essential oils like lavender oil, clary sage oil, geranium oil, juniper oil, etc are suitable for bath. Spicy oils like cinnamon oil or oregano oil should be avoided.

Using Essential Oils in Bath3. Essential oils as Facial steam: Depending on the specific concerns, you can also use essential oils for facial steaming. You can add 5-10 drops of these oils and steam for about 15mins. Using essential oils as facial steam can heal skin infections, fever, sinus and other respiratory problems.

4. Essential oils with compresses: You can also use essential with cold or hot compresses. You can add few drops of these oils and use them. Oils like lavender, ginger, eucalyptus, rosemary, etc are used widely for this purpose. This is helpful for healing wounds, cuts, bowls, etc.

Essential Oils in India5. Essential oils in massage: Many essential oils are used for body massage. Add standard drops of essential oils and apply it softly on the body parts and massage. This helps in relieving body, muscle and joint pains. This also helps fatigue and stress. Some of the oils used in massage are jasmine oil, vanilla oil, neroli oil, etc.

6. As Diffuser: You can use essential oil diffuser to get rid of certain irritation and emotional problems. Using essential oil diffuser gives relaxation and peaceful sleep, it enhance mood, keeps you away from flu, cold and other influenza. Candle diffuser and heat diffuser are widely used.

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6 Exceptional Ways of Using Natural Essential Oils for Fitness and Curing

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