Here are some popular types of Traditional Indian attars. Buy premium quality of natural attars at best price range from reputed essential oil suppliers.

1. Raat Raani Attar oil (Queen of the night)

The exotic Raat Raani attars is extracted from flowers of Raat ki raani via steam distillation process. This attar is also known by varied names. It has sweet smell and amazing odour. This attar is volatile in nature and possesses strong fragrance. This attar oil is used for making soaps, perfumes and fragrant candles.

2. Rajnigandha Attar oil

This attar has charming aroma and lasting fragrance. It is obtained via hydro-distillation of Rajnigandha flowers.  This flower is popularly grown in every household and used for decorative purposes. It also carries religious significance. It possesses mesmerizing fragrance and exotic aroma. Perfume manufacturers extensively use this organic attar oil for making perfumes and deodorants. It carries rejuvenating properties and useful for aromatherapy treatments. It cures stress and depression related disorders.

Indian Attars
3. Pink Lotus Attar oil

The Pink Lotus Attar oil is derivative of flowers of lotus. It is extracted via scientific process of Hydro-distillation method from the flowers of pink lotus. This attar is considered to be extremely pure. It carries real essence of pink lotus plant and also has religious significance in Hindu mythology. It stimulates mind and body and invokes spirituality. It effectively soothes and calms down mind and helps to get rid of mental stress, anxiety and fatigue. Due to all these wonderful benefits, pink attars oil is used for aromatherapy treatments.

4. Rooh Al oudh Attar oil

This wonderful attar oil is derived from agarwood tree via steam distillation process. It has complex woody aroma and enriched natural fragrance. It is volatile in nature and should be kept in cool and dark storage area. This attar oil is known for aromatic purposes. It refreshes and pampers mind, body and removes negative thoughts in your mind to keep mind fresh and revitalize.

Essential Oils
5. Rose Attar oil

This is one of the popular and widely known plant attar oil. Rose attar oil is used for manufacturing perfumes and cosmetic products. It is obtained via steam distillation process of Rose flower petals. This attar oil possesses amazing aroma and sweet fragrance of Rose flower. This is volatile and expensive attar. It is also used for making body lotions, bathing soaps, hair oils and many other skin care products.

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5 Enchanting Traditional Indian Attars & Their Uses!!

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