Carrier Oils are extracted from vegetative matter of organic plants. They are obtained from nuts, seeds, flower parts, dried roots and bark. People blend essential oils with carrier oil for aromatherapy uses. Natural carrier oils are extracted via hydro-distillation process. Get 100% pure essential oils from organic essential oil suppliers in India.

Check out some important benefits of various types of essential oils:

1. Apricot Kernel oil – This carrier oil is extracted from the kernel of apricot seeds. It is used as facial oil. It is high in Vitamins A and B, helps in healing and rejuvenating skin tissues.
2. Sweet Almond oil- This multi-purpose carrier oil is used for making skin care products and hair care items.
3. Arnica oil – It is good for treating inflammation and bruising. It is not used on broken skin.

Natural Carier Oil

4. Avocado oil – This aromatic oil is used for dry & aging skin types. It is rich, moisturizer and heavy with mild sunscreen effects.
5. Calendula oil – This oil is widely used as body oil. It increases healing speed and moisturizes dry or damaged skin cells.
6. Canola oil – It is a wonderful oil for massaging. It gets absorbed on skin easily. It is light weighted oil, odorless and having very long shelf life.
7. Corn oil – It is medium-weighted carrier oil. This oil contains vitamins and minerals that are good for skin.
8. Castor oil – It is used for sealing in moisture. This oil is used for manufacturing body lotion that seals and protects skin for dry winter winds.
9. Grapeseed oil – This carrier oil is used as body massage oil and facial oil. It is very light weighted and easily penetrates into the skin faster.
10. Hazelnut oil – It is good for facial massage due to great amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Pure Essential Oils
11. Evening Primrose oil – This carrier oil has excellent antioxidant properties so it’s added to other Carrier Oils for prolonging their shelf life.
12. Jojoba oil – It is an amazing carrier oil for both dry and oily skin. This oil is greatly used in aromatherapy massage centers.
13. Olive oil – This carrier oil is used in many culinary preparations. “Extra virgin” variety of olive oils has the great amount of vitamins and minerals.
14. Peanut oil – This oil is rich in vitamins and proteins.
15. Soy oil – This oil is high in Vitamin E and used as excellent massage oil.
16. Safflower oil – This carrier oil is good for softening the skin cells. It is light-to-medium weighted oil.
17. Sesame oil – It treats a number of skin conditions. It is loaded with Vitamin E, proteins, minerals, and an SPF-4.

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17 Amazing Carrier Oils with Wonderful Health Benefits!!

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