Natural essential oils are therapeutic oils and should be handled with care. Different pure essential oils have distinct aroma & made of specific aromatic compound. Their chemical composition gets changed when exposed to UV lights & sunlight. Quality also gets deteriorated when exposed in moisture laden air. These herbal oils are volatile in nature i.e. easily get evaporated in the air.

organic essential oils

No matter how lucrative the bottle of essential oil looks! Always buy essential oils with amber coloured bottled. Never pour the essential oil into plastic bottles. It may lose its aroma & fragrance. Essential oils should not be kept in high temperature. After removing the seal always secure the bottle with air tight caps. Keep the bottle containing essential oil close when not in use.

Certain organic essential oils & floral extracts have longer shelf life. Other essential oils may have shorter shelf life. For instance, citrus essential oils have a shorter shelf-life due to the presence of high content of terpenes.

Essential Oils

Usually aromatic compounds last for approx. three years from its date of packing. User ideal storage conditions (i.e. amber bottles in a cool & dark place without moisture) they can be used upto five years.

Follow these important tips before buying and storing essential oils.

1. Pure form of essential oils cannot be stored in clear glass or plastic bottles. Always purchase essential oils in amber-coloured bottles.

2. Check for the expiry date (if mentioned) or the date of packaging to determine their freshness.

3. Store the essential oil bottle in cool and dark place. Avoid direct exposure of sunlight.

4. Buy essential oil from ISO marked company. Check for authenticated marks of international approving bodies like USFDA or USDA Organic signs etc.

5. Check prices of the essential oils. Prices of different pure essential oils may differ. For instance, pure rose oil is more expensive than lavender & jasmine.

6. Always go for undiluted essential oils. Essential oils blended with carrier oils have shorter shelf life.

7. While buying essential oil, make sure these oils are not adulterated with synthetic chemicals and artificial oils.

8. Check whether the essential oil supplier is authorized to sell aromatic compounds

9. Find to how long the essential oil company is into this industry.

10. Essential oils must always be kept away from kids. Some essential oils can be very harmful if consumed by the children.

11. Avoid direct exposure of essential oils to naked flames.

So, these are 10 useful tips to follow while buying & using essential oils. Log on to Aromaazinternational and buy 100% pure & natural essential oils. This is one of the leading manufacturer & suppliers of aromatic oil products.

10 Important Tips for Buying & Storage of Essential Oils!!

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