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Cannabis Essential Oil

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Cannabis Essential Oil

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Product Technical Information

  Botanical Name Cannabis sativa
  CAS# 89958-21-4
  Color & Odor Pale Yellow liquid .
  F.E.M.A. # No
  Country of Origin England
  Methods of Extraction Steam Distilled
  Constituents No
  Solubility N/A
  Specific Gravity 0.8927
  Refractive Index 1.4570
  Flash Point 45 degrees C
  Optical Rotation N/A
  Major Constituents 100% Pure and Natural

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Cannabis sativa and Cannabis Indica are 2 types of Cannabis species from which Cannabis oil is extracted. Commonly known as Marijuana, these special plants have peculiar characteristics of their own. Indica is 3- 6 feet high and bears fat dark green leaves with purple buds. It has distinctively stink smell, while Sativa is thin and has red buds with sweet and fresh smell. Oil extracted from Cannabis plant buds is usually known as Hash oil or Canna oil. It is prepared from Steam Distillation method of Cannabis and is well known for the presence of THC compound. Cannabis oil is used in 3 forms: Marijuana, Hashish and Hashish oil.

  1. AAA+++ Review by appreciative

    In these uncertain times, it's certainly assuring to have a company who cares about people enough to offer real help @ affordable cost; THANK YOU

  2. K. Edwards from Russia Review by K. Edwards

    K. Edwards from Russia
    Cannabis Essential Oil can be considered for short term physical and neurological effects . Also helpful in the treatment of cancer ….Incredible product for medical world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Blake Harper from Washington , USA Review by Blake Harper

    Blake Harper from Washington , USA
    life saving product!!!! This product from aromaaz saves from various life consuming disease , so can be considered as Life - Saving Oil

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  • Cannabis oil is very important and a vital oil. Itis used in the treatment of some of the hazardous and life taking diseases.Intake of Cannabis gives psychoactive and physiological effects.
  •  Presence of THC in cannabis makes it useful in thetreatment of Cancer; it stimulates hunger in chemotherapy and AIDS patients. Italso helps in lengthy conditions running from multiple sclerosis to depression.
  •  It is noted for short term physical andneurological effects which include increased heart rates, impairment of workingmemory and lowered blood pressure.
  • Cannabis oil has hallucinogenic properties andhas THC as most active component. It has several useful medicinal properties.

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